Thursday, July 17, 2008

The pun in the horoscopes

Since when did horoscopes became a way of telling you how to make a fool of yourself? I think I'm already a pro at that so don't need these for sure!

So before beating around the bush a little more, but couldn't help it as this WAS required :D, let me tell you what happened. It so happens that I've subscribed to the horoscope feature by paying Rs 15 for a monthly subscription to my mobile service provider. Not that I believe in it but must say they have been quite funny so that they became more of a "joke of the day" rather than "horoscope of the day".

But the one I received a minute ago totally deserved a post in itself. This is what it read -
"You are likely to meet interesting people in work-related situations. Ask as co-worker if one of them is interested in you!"

Now you tell me which one of you would actually go and ask a co-worker if he/she is interested in you? Unless you have been getting hints about their inclinations, that would be totally different. Not that I need to ask coz one I'm already hooked and second I'm not interested.

And it makes me wonder who the hell goes around writing these anyways? Probably they will send a subsequent one telling what they we can expect after we have actually gone ahead and asked!

Just trying to think of funny reactions, a guy who goes and asks a female colleague might get a slap in return :P Or the girl who collects all the courage to ask a male colleague may be laughed upon or eyed suspiciously!

Anyways..I did think it was way too funny or stupid to be coming in as a horoscope :D


  1. LOL!
    If this provider is making a decent business out of this so-called-service, then that proves there are enough people out there who get influenced with such things. Hopefully they don't implement every thing they read :)

  2. lol..

    Whenever I login to Orkut, its shows similar fortunes.. Though, nothing turned out to be true :D

  3. the whole funda that same two lines can apply to EVERY ONE born in those 3 weeks under the sunsign is unreal!

    so maybe some dude somehwere in some office DID get lucky!! :p



  4. lol :) :) which is ru service provider... u should probably ask him tips as to how to ask ;-)

  5. hhaa..that sure is funny...such an horoscope might turn into horrorscope if followed rather seriously :)

  6. LOL !! Too funny to tolerate :P

  7. oh c'mon nids! i'd go and ask EACH and EVERY one of them! even the clients! :D and then pretend to feel offended if they say no!
    how often do u get a dual-edged sword like this! ;) LOL!!!!! :D

  8. LOL! Crazy...I was imagining you doing it...going around asking people :))

  9. I dare you, go on and ask the cutest boy in office - ;D


  10. many people seem to think otherwise :))
    Maybe you SHOULD have gone and done as asked :P

  11. DDMom : Yeah..hopefully they don't!!

    Mama-Mia : I know its a generic one but still isn't it a bit too funny the way it is worded?

    Monika : I would have probably done that in real IF ONLY I was interested in someone *wink*

    LifeBegins: Truly a horrorscope it would be!

    Howdoweknow : Yaar..since it flashes on the screen you can't miss reading them..nahi?

    Raysh: Only you could have thought of such a thing!! :D

    Shobana : I would be damned to go around asking in reality!!

    K3: Sigh..haven't seen even one single guy who I can call 'cute' :(

    Meira : If only would have found anyone interesting enough! :D