Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sunday dinner special

On special demand from Hubby I had made Paav Bhaji for Sunday dinner. Couple of weeks back...err...almost 3 months ago he had asked me to make but then I had ended up making pasta instead! This time his request was duly honored! :D

I usually avoid making food items which I know Betu won't eat happily and I would end up forcing him to eat. But this Paav Bhaji is one dish which he also enjoys thoroughly!

One has to look at this face to see how much he enjoys it! And that's why I love cooking such dishes. He is always so vocal about his likes. If he appreciates he will surely let you know about it as well! So on hearing "Arre waah! paav Bhaji!" and all my mehnat seemed so worth it!

I keep teasing hubby that at least there is someone in the house who at least appreciates what I do and hubby once said, "Akhir beta kiska hai! Mere ko hi to dekh kar seekha hai." and I just roll my eyes and walk away!

So here is the pic of the yummy paav bhaji -


  1. Ohh even I made pav bhaji for sunday dinner :)

  2. Mujhe dekh kar hi bhook lag gayi!

  3. Please restrain from posting such distracting pictures :-(

  4. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I want some!

  5. you have an laternate career!

    no no! not cooking!

    food photography!! :)



  6. early morning, this kind of post is terribly sinful....don't do this to me....now i'm craving for YOUR pav bhaji.......

    *still drooling*