Friday, June 1, 2007

Creating a memory book for my son!

A few days ago I decided to create a memory book for my son as I was forgetting things as he's growing older...or is it because I'm growing older???

Well, whatever be the reason, I finally managed to
create one. And I've started to pen down thoughts, feelings, memories from day one.

He's 3 years young and I'm sure it will take me a lot of time to catch up to this date. So wish me all the best!


  1. My son is due in 9 weeks, and I'm thinking of starting a memory book now, scan photos, etc. Important events that have happened in his family while we wait for him to be born that kind of thing. I also want to put some stuff in it about me, so he knows more about me when he is older.

    1. Anthony - Great to hear that you will soon be a dad! Yes, creating a memory book is a wonderful thing to do not only for the kids but also for parents. I so love going back and reading what my son 8 year old son used to do/say when he was younger.