Wednesday, June 13, 2007

White washing - Its almost over!

We are getting the white washing done in our house after 5 years. We probably wouldn't have gone for it but for the beautiful artwork done by our son on almost all the walls and doors. I referred to it as artwork because when I complained to his Nanu once about all his coloring-on-the-wall-escapades, I promptly got a response, don't call it making the wall dirty...its precious artwork! When I heard his Nanu saying that I was literally rolling my eyes..thinking what an idiot I was complaining to his Nanu.

Whether its Nanu or Dadu or Dadi, it just makes no difference for us since in return we do not get any empathy as they all take betu's side only. Me and DH both wonder what a difference in outlook of grandparents towards their grandchildren. When grandchild do the same pranks that we did as their children, its just fine. They are kids. If Kids don't do badmashi's who will. And its always our mistake as parents as we didn't pay attention. But when they were parents we used to get such scoldings/punishments when we did such things.

These are just 2 views of the artwork - pay attention to the wall and not him in the picture!

I will write in detail some other day on our efforts on stopping him from writing on the wall!

Anyhow, the white washing started and is 80% done. Some of the wood polishing and painting is still pending. Am I glad its almost over? YOU BET! I was getting cold feet as the days approached and was actually thinking of calling it off. Even on just the day before the workers were to come I was discussing with DH to cancel it despite the fact that I knew that how badly the house needed few coats of fresh paint.

Anyhow, the works started! It was the most horrible day. Firstly, it was terribly hot that day. Around 44 degrees. Since the workers were coming in and out again and again, our doors were literally open all the time so you can now imagine how 'sun' filled our rooms were *smirk*...

And to add to that they started with out bedroom first (although it was decided by us only), the only room in our house which had an AC. So now you get the picture of how lovely time we had?

Since it was a Sunday we tried to get as much work done as we could and by afternoon decided to get the kitchen done as well as having no kitchen on a weekday would be totally chaotic! So with lot of huffing and puffing to move things out and putting them here and there and once it was done, huffing and puffing once again to clean up and put things back in place! *phew* we all were dead tired that day!

And to add to all this, my migraine also decided to drop in the same day! Grrrrrrrrr.....

But now when I look back and look at the house now, it wasn't that bad a deal. The house looks so much neater. I can't say cleaner as everyday I've to spend at least an hour dusting the house because the enamel paint work is still doing on. And we all are looking forward to the day when its all over!

But not to leave out the person me and DH really need to thank is my FIL (DH's dad). For being here and getting the things done when we both were at work for the past 5 days. We both know things would have been totally different if he hadn't been here. But at the same time we feel a bit guilty of spoiling his stay here and burdening him with our work.

So a big big thank you goes out to him from both of us from the deepest of our hearts!

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