Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Surprise party for my DH!

I had thought of having a surprise birthday party for DH a month ago. But that time I was not sure how successful I will be at keeping the party a surprise. But now that his b'day is just 4 days away I'm sure that it will work out just fine. All the guests have been invited and everything is all planned except the menu.

Menu doesn't bother me at all now. I feel I've become a pro at having parties with lots of people! :D Beating my own trumpet ...ehh? But seriously...I've done parties of approx 20 people on the average so many times now with all the cooking done at home. Latest one was at betu's 3rd birthday celebrations 2 months ago.

But there are chances that we might have the party at Saravana Bhawan, Connaught Place. But since there are time restrictions, I feel home would be a good option. We can relax and take as much time for snacks and dinner and chit-chats as much as we want. Also because its a weekend, everyone would be in a mood for it!

We are also planning for a havan at home to be done by Nanaji.

But now that I've some time in my hands, let me think of the menu
  1. Snacks - Pop corns (esp for kids), steamed corn, palak-aloo cutlets
  2. Drinks - Aam ka panna
  3. Main Menu
    • Dahi Vadas
    • Kachumber salad
    • Babycorn - Paneer with tomato gravy
    • Chhole
    • Daal makhni
    • Matar Pulao
    • Pooris
  4. Sweet - Rasmalai
  5. Cake

I might have to order a bit of stuff from outside so that hubby doesn't get curious why I'm cooking all the stuff.

So what says you? How does the menu look?


  1. Perfect !!

    You may add another drink ..coz kids may not like panna.

    Lend me some amount of confidence in this respect..hosting a party all on your own :D

    Aryan's birthday is around and we are not able to think of a perfect place to hold the party..:(

  2. Yeah. Other drinks like Roohafza, fruit juices and orange squash will be there too.

    You will gain confidence on your own. But for that you need to shift to place where you have tons of relatives around :D otherwise you never will ..hahaha..

    As for Aryan's b'day party place, don't look for a perfect place. You may never find it. Just look for a nice place where kids will enjoy and so will the parents. Yummy food..pleasant ambience..thats about it!

  3. a nice place where kids will enjoy and so will the parents. Yummy food..pleasant ambience..thats about it!

    is what I call Perfect !!