Monday, June 11, 2007

Update on DH's b'day party!

As you know a surprise party for DH's birthday was planned for the Saturday, June 9. It was going as planned without him knowing there was a party organised until late evening when he peeked into the kitchen and looking at the quantities of food I'd cooked, he knew there's something fishy! He asked me if anyone else is coming. I matter of factly told him "Nahi..tumko to pata hai sab busy hain! Sirf Appa (my dad) hi aa rahein hain" So he went away.

Few days before his b'day and also in the morning he insisted that we go out instead of eating at home. But I somehow just waved off the idea saying its too hot to eat out and then my stomach is also not that to well. And I also told him since we had already eaten out twice that week - once when some relatives were visiting from out of town and once when we had an all cousins get-together, lets eat at home! And he agreed.

Then in the evening when I had to go to pick up the cake, I asked betu if he wants to go for a Rickshaw ride. And since he loves it, he promptly agreed. Dh again asked me very curiously/questioningly if we are just going for Rickshaw ride? So again I told him ki haan, betu subah se ghar mein hai, irritate ho raha hai, it would be a good change for him. And when we returned with the cake, he laughed and said "Mujhe pata tha kuchh gadbad hai!" :D

We always arrange for an eggless cake since some of the guests eat only those kinds. And the bakery from where I order always makes them real good! Here's a pic of the yummy fresh fruit cake -

But when he looked at the quantity of food I had cooked he was sure that there are more people coming. So it didn't turn out to be a surprise party exactly but on the whole it was good fun. Everyone loved the food and the dahi vada's especially.

I had to make some changes in the menu also because certain things I did not find in the market like kachha aam for aam ka panna so I made mango shake instead. Then instead of ordering Daal Makhani, I ordered mixed vegetables as the other two dishes that I had made were gravy kinds so decided against daal. For sweet dish also we didn't order anything as my FIL had got special mithai from Jaipur. Its called malai laddoo. They are quite yumm and quite filling! And as always I forgot to take pictures of my food laden table.

For his gift, I had ordered a photo mug online from with betu's photo and a message. This was to be a gift from betu to him. They did a great job not only in the quality but also in such prompt delivery. I had ordered few photo prints from them earlier and they also came out pretty well. So this is the site for any online photo printing or related stuff for me.

Here is the pic of that Mug -

So when betu gave the gift to DH, he was quite surprised and quite happy to see the mug! The next day when my FIL was having tea in that mug, betu got angry and told his Dadu "Yeh maine Papa ko diya tha! Yeh unka hai! Aapne kyun liya?" On hearing that we really had to control our laughter and had to tell him that he should not say like that and its OK if Dadu uses it.

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  1. Hey, I did not know you have another blog as well. It aws fun reading it. Baap re, kitna bara menu hai! Looks like you had a lot of fun.