Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good news Vs. Sad news - Who wins?

The moment I saw the 2 posts on madmomma's blog, I was so filled with emotions which I'm trying to write here. I don't know at all how aptly will I be able to put that in words. But I will try...

One post talked about the birth of a baby and the other talked about the demise of little boy suffering from cancer. These two posts were there on the blog just next to each other. I don't know which post should have outweighed the other. Probably they shouldn't have outweighed each other at all..having their own space in our minds. I don't know if I should have been happy on reading about the birth of the baby or sad about the death of a striving little boy who wanted to live on!

Somehow, for me, the death overbore the birth for me. Its not that I didn't feel happy for the the parents to whom the child was born to. It did bring a smile on my face and for few seconds brought back the memories when we had our son! But it was the demise of that little boy which lingered on and is still there.

I asked myself the question "WHY?" so many times but I got no answer. I'm still trying to know why the sad news had more impact on me than the good news. None of the people to whom these news belonged were known to me. They are total strangers to me! If I had known anyone of them probably my thoughts would have been different. Probably...I don't know for sure. Many a times, for certain situations that have not happened as of now, we say "Had I been in that situation, I would have done that or this" but when we ACTUALLY face that hypothetical situation for real, we behave in a totally different manner from what we had thought of earlier. Is it just me or happens with you all too?

Is it human nature to linger on to sadness more than happiness? Or have we, over the time, become like this?

As I'm writing this, I get a thought in my mind "Is it so because I always relate the word death with the death of my Ma?" Perhaps... it is. Perhaps that's the reason why I felt more sad than happy. Perhaps because I had seen death of someone so close to me..perhaps...


  1. true- human mind lingers on sadness that's why the tele serials play upon- ultimate sandness. distress, cruelty... the happines part is skipped like the ads but the tear jerker part is watched soundlessly

  2. ITW, probably you are right.

  3. Piyush's life and death were indeed very moving.
    I think it makes all the more difference to us because we are mothers(parents), who can empathise strongly with the parents.

    Somehow, I've seen in my family- if inconvenient, we might skip a celebration, but no matter what the inconvenience, we always take out the time to visit a bereaved house.

  4. JLT : Yes, probably with Piyush, we mothers empathised more because we have our own children.

    And its true, one can miss a celebration but no bereavements even if it means travelling to a different city even if the relative was a distant one.