Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Food art

I'm sure by now everyone knows how much I 'love' food. Almost my every 10th post is on food :)

Remember a post where I had posted some pictures of artistic lunch boxes? No? Then go here and have a dekho.

And today I found some more of such artistic lunch boxes picture! I find them so cute and lovely that it would be so hard to actually eat them :D

Take a look at some of the pictures here and tell me will you be able to eat these cute lunches?

So artistic and so cute. Aren't they? Wanna see more? Go here.


  1. Aww... really nice. Love the cat!

  2. oh my god its so cute... i dont know how people manage to make them....

  3. When I opened and saw , I thought you made these :)

  4. When you asked if I could, I actually tried tomimagine hiw I would feel, And I think i would be delighted and and would eat each and every bit of it with pleasure. Only I don't know how much I like to eat these nori. Have never eaten them. I think I always ate sushi without nori (this blackish dried algae).

  5. :D

    i wonder who takes so much effort for something that will eventually be eaten!! :p

    they are damn cute!

    and pls to pick up your award! :D



  6. olle... they're SO cute!
    i won't eat them, tho.

  7. I'll click pics, then eat them :D. Cute things make me want to eat them, you know. Thankfully, these CAN be eaten! :P

  8. i agree with suki. i would've eaten husband by now if he wasn't clever enough to push me away every time i lean in close to him to reward him for being 'cute'. if i whine, he says, "ok, kaatna mat" and squints his eyes shut ... which is even cuter and bite his cheek ... no more details. this is a family blog. hehehee

  9. Naah.nothing beats those funny shaped parathas u made for your son.Drooool!! See, I am your biggest food fan.10 years away from home :-( poor me
    p.s.- busy with work,blogging will resume end of week :-)

  10. I want these.. It makes us hungry just by looking at the edible arrangements :D

  11. looks so tempting.. I want to eat it.. nay look at it.. looks like Janmashtami was a blast !!

  12. Very nice, I got into the whole bento box craze. I dont do as much but i try little thing. Like putting grapes on cute picks. Or cutting cheese into star and heart shapes.

    There is a huge bento group on flickr,