Thursday, August 14, 2008

Independence day celebrations!

The whole office is looking so lovely and full of colors. Almost everyone is dressed in ethnic wear. The boys are wearing different coloured kurtas and the girls are either in suits, lahengas or sarees. If you walk down the stairs and look at the workstation area it seems like a sea of colors!

I am wearing a deep pink bandhani saree and with regular jewelery that I wear everyday. When lot of colleagues said "One can't recognize you! You are looking so different!" I wonder what they meant. Am I looking too old or am I looking nice and good? I really don't know. So when I told them the same thing they just laughed and went away. Leaving me even more perturbed as to what the hell did they mean!!!???

Anyways, I would by by the phrase "Take it as you like it!" and assume they meant I looked good :P

Coming back to dresses of other people, I wonder how you decide what is wearable in workplaces even when its a special occasion? I saw this guy wearing a shimmering purple colored silk (it very well could be synthetic material) and then I saw this girl wearing heavy jewellery and deep green saree with golden embellishments all over! Somehow that felt a little over the limit to me.

We have been collecting money from people who have not come dressed in ethnic wear and shall have a nice snack party in the evening with the collections.

So what all is everybody else doing to celebrate on the even of Independence day. Share it up!


  1. i am sure they meant you looking really niice!! :)

    our office we were supposed to wear any of the tricolour colour kurtas with denim! i am jeans with white short kurti and an orange stole with matching earrings! :D

    and yeah, some people dont know where to draw the line at work!! but maybe they just are l'il more spirited!! :D



  2. good good... u must be looking nice... accroding to me a basic level of decency and control has to be maintained... u cant go jhintak in office though there are people who do....

    here office is so dull... just another day... no celebrations at all... though me off to kerala for the long weekend

  3. you must be looking good, but how will we ever know. u never share pics :(

    wish we were doing something similar in office.... but not. so it's like any other regular day.

    I agree with u on office wear. Some people do go over the top. Just last month there was a huge discussion in my office abt whetehr we shud have a dress code coz some of these young things dress up in short tops etc.but then we did not pursue it.

  4. happy independance day to you...

    and i bet they meant you looked nice, tho i wish they had said so, instead of laughing and going away...


  5. you are so right about people not knowing what is apt.. anyway gud to see people participating .. :)

  6. I'm sure you look beautiful. :)

  7. hehe.. show me pics.. i'll tell u whether u looked nice or not.
    as for ppl... well, it's treated like fancy dress most times! :D
    what's ur plan, gurl?

  8. Ok not related to this post,but had to say.I made that tomato chutney!!Slurrp!! Thanks a ton :-)
    Maybe,you can adopt me??? :-(

  9. and I am left wondering whether different needs to be necessarily good or bad :| happy freedom day to you too :)

  10. Happy Independence day!!!

    Ironically, tomorrow(i.e 15th), in our office someone is giving a presentation on some "American Football" crap.

  11. There was ethnic day at my office too. But we came dressed in simple chudidar as we went daily. Wearing saree takes loads of patience and I am not comfortable in saree at all.

  12. Ohh we had a get together at my house. And one of the ladies brought a Indian flag and hung it on the wall. Then everyone sang the National Anthem. Pretty cool.