Sunday, October 14, 2007

Artisitic Lunch Boxes!

I never imagined that someone would be so creative or innovative to think of having such artistic lunch boxes. See the pictures below and you will know what I mean -

Got what I meant? I'm sure I wouldn't want to touch any bit of such lunch boxes as I would just love to look at them like that without ruining them. Even if it meant me going hungry :P

P.S. I wonder what this black stuff is.


  1. I find the first one cute. Although all of them are so well done.

  2. Dame : Aptly said. It surely is the height of creativity!

  3. I am quite sure this is a techie japanese version of their food form called SUSHI... rice and veggies/fish rolled in a thin sheet of dried (and pressed) green sea-weed...

    Glad you put these pictures up here... its like looking at our own desi version of rangoli made in colorful dals...

  4. Gorgeous! I love how bento boxes look. I got supplies to make craetive lunches like the japanese bentos but it takes sooo much time.