Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tamatar-pyaaz chutney

Ever had this chutney with a nice just-off -the-tawa parantha? Its simply heaven!

Aug 11, 2008: Edited to add - The Recipe:

On special demand here is the recipe :) Its fairly easy and takes about 20-25 mins.

  1. 1 cup diced tomato
  2. 1/2-3/4 cup diced onions (optional)
  3. 2-3 cloves garlic (optional)
  4. 2-3 green chillies
  5. Mustard seeds
  6. 2-3 tbsp sugar
  7. 1 tbsp garam masala
  1. Put 1 tbsp oil and when hot add mustard seeds till they splutter.
  2. Add garlic and saute slightly. (this step is not required you are not using garlic)
  3. Add onions and saute till translucent. (this step is not required you are not using garlic)
  4. Add tomatoes and green chilies.
  5. Add salt and half cup water.
  6. Cover and let it simmer
  7. When it gets a little pasty, add sugar and garam masala.
  8. Let it simmer till the water is almost gone. (If you feel the tomato is not properly done and you need to add more water, do that!)
You can eat it warm or eat it cold! It tastes good anyways :)


  1. Looks irresistible! Recipe, recipe!

  2. Exactly! That's mean mean mean! Where is the recipe?! :)

  3. BTW, this quick recipe is really good for the food blog. Out it there as well, thanks!

  4. yummy...looks good..and simple to prepare?

  5. recipe?
    tho i can't even make parathas! :( but still, recipe??

  6. I have had it and its yummy :)

    Mom prepares it :D

  7. waah waah!

    did u try the papad sabzi recipe I sent?

  8. Yep! We just call it seeni sambal (sweet sambal). Simple to make and yummy-licious.

  9. congratulations!!! and you know why :o)
    very very very happy for you... now please please please pray for me too :o)

    also, am soooo glad the toothy troubles are over. i had my share of pains when i accompanied mom to her dentist's in bombay in '04. nearly lost all sensation in my right arm for a week :o)


  10. not fair only the pics to make us salivate... as everyone else said... recipe please ?

  11. ok! i think on popular demand next post WILL have THE recipe!!

    please woman!!



  12. That certainly does look tasty!!

  13. mouthwatering! Looks really yummy. will have to try in after sawan. no onions in my house till then :(

  14. i swear to god .. you are so creative that i am jealous!! :)