Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My diamond kitty

They say diamonds are girls best friends. I am yet to experience such friendship and am definitely looking forward to it :P

I have forgotten how many years its been since I have been saving money for my first diamond(s). Every time I would get money gifts for Rakhi or Bhaidooj or on our anniversary or birthday, I would keep putting them in a separate place and declared it as my diamond kitty.

In the early years of marriage when earnings were measly, we had occasions when the salary would not be sufficient enough and we would need some extra money and thus would end up digging into this kitty to take care of such contingent expenses. And its been very rare when the money taken out was replaced back. Typical human nature..right? :D

There was a time when I saved unto 15K for them and we even went to a few shops but whatever I liked was way beyond our kitty money. And I just didn't want any teeny weeny jewelery just in the name of it being a diamond jewelery. I wanted it to be classy and chic. But when were diamonds ever cheap!

Then there were times when we had enough money in the kitty but I would be tittling towards some electronic gadget. So after a lot of thinking whether to spend the money on diamonds, which would be lying somewhere in my cupboards or to buy a gadget that I can use everyday . Ok..maybe not even everyday but definitely more frequently than the diamonds. I would think "Who's going to get occasions to wear those diamonds often anyways!"

As expected I would always go ahead and splurge on the electronics. Once it was the ipod, other time it was for a phone for Hubby, then a laptop and it went on and on.

Earlier I used to blame our financial situations for not being able to buy diamonds but now the reality is that if ever I had the option of buying jewelery or electronics, I would ALWAYS end up buying electronics. It doesn't mean that I don't like jewelery (I'm a typical woman here :P) but love for gadgets is far more than the love for jewelery!

So I'm still waiting for my first diamond(s). But who knows I might tilt towards something else ...a 37" LCD TV or a sexy home theater system or a hi-end digicam! Who knows! *wink*


  1. most guys would believe that your money was well spent :)

    look at it this way, thanks to the diamond kitty, you now have so many other gadgets! ever thought how you might have managed them without this diamond kitty of yours? :P

  2. well well...u bet...u r better off enjoying all those gadgets than diamonds which as u rightly said r only for the cupboard. SO go ahead...have fun with the technology and let those stones be in the list so your kitty can keep getting inputs :)

  3. Whatever U'be bought so far are definitely better than diamonds!!Somehow i consider diamonds such a waste!