Monday, March 3, 2008

About cooking and et al..

I just now read a post by Still Searching about her foray into cooking and the adventures she has had. It reminded me of my first experience in making tea. For most of the people this wouldn't be worthy of a post in itself but in my case it surely is and I'm 100% sure you will also agree after you read my adventure of "I made my first cup of tea!"

This incident dates back to when I as in 8th standard. It so happened that my Chachaji came visiting us from out of town. It was around 4 in the evening and Ma was not home. And neither of my elder sisters were there too. So when Chachaji asked for a cup of tea I kind of froze but just couldn't tell him that I don't know how to make one. I thought I would belittle myself if I said so. But then I was in a fix about what to do now. I even thought of asking my neighbor Aunty (Mrs. Jain) to help me out but to take her help I would have to go out of the living room where Chachaji was resting and he would come to know that I got the tea from outside. And then I suddenly remembered something and I felt like I had cracked a jackpot!

I went and searched for my Maths book. Yeah yeah..go ahead and roll your eyes but thats exactly what I did. And flipped open a page and started to read it line by line and successfully made my first cup of tea without any personal guidance from anyone. :)

And now to reveal the secret of how the hell can a mathematics book help anyone in making a cup of tea :D

We had a chapter on Algorithms in the book and one of the examples explaining what an algorithm is, had all the steps involved in making a cup of tea. Right from picking a pan to switching in the gas till switching off the gas and using a strainer to strain the tea. And lo and behold my first cup of tea was ready but I was quite nervous when I served it to my Chachaji.

But when he took a sip and told me that the tea is very good, I swelled with pride no less than e a hot air balloon and had to really control myself to not jump up and down, basking in the glory of such an achievement. I guess Einstein would have felt the same happiness in his discoveries and inventions.

I've had many more adventures in cooking regular food but that will tackled in a separate post.

I have come a long way now. Cooking comes easy to me and I can surely say that people love my cooking if I look at the amount of compliments I receive after each get together. OK..Ok.. I will stop beating my own trumpet now.

Now why don't you all tell me about your first experiences with cooking?


  1. This is incredible...algorithms and tea...!!

    I can hardly remember when i first started cooking but now it seems like most of my free time is in the kitchen...

  2. WOW! That was quick thinking and really smart!

  3. wow! that's the freakiest one i've ever heard! using a math book to make tea! i'm sure the author would never in his/her wildest dreams imagine that the book would work as a cook-book for someone!

  4. oh wow!
    d first time i cooked was in august 2006. :D i have difficulty cooking food that i'm not too fond of... but what i like, i can cook well! :D

  5. fantastic thats the most amusing cooking story i have ever heard :)

  6. hehe...I think that was a very well thought out syllabus combining maths with life skills ( of course te making is a life skill, don't you agree?!)
    In our family coffee was the only beverage known. So the first time somebody wanted tea we had no idea how to brew it so we did it in the coffeefilter and it came out terrible. Then the guest herself told us how tea is brewed.

  7. lol you're far too funny!! :))