Thursday, March 20, 2008

Crazy ate or Crazy (w)eight or Crazy 8??

Timepass tagged me to do the crazy 8 tag about myself. Not so long ago I was passed on this tag with an option to do it for self or for Betu. And I! I've an option and need not do it for self! No need to reveal the crazy side of me.. but I guess I heaved a sigh of relief way too soon!
  1. 8 Things I am passionate about
    1. Chocolates
    2. Gadgets
    3. My Blogs
    4. Photography
    5. Music
    6. Internet
    7. Bindis (the cutwork style)
    8. Anklets

  2. 8 Things I want to do before I die
    1. Visit Hawaii
    2. Visit Leh & Laddakh
    3. Do Para Jumping
    4. Go in a submarine to watch the under water creatures
    5. Sit next to the pilot while he flies an airplane
    6. Do a world tour! (if only I had the money..sigh..)
    7. Learn professional photography
    8. Go to the moon...possible???

  3. 8 Things I say often
    1. Really?
    2. You bet!
    3. You know..
    4. Arre...
    5. Makes sense
    6. Betu!!
    7. Hmm..
    8. Kya baat kar rahe ho?

  4. 8 Books I've read recently (Since my book reading is limited to what I read to Betu these days, I'm copying pasting what I wrote in Betu's tag)
    1. Topsy & Tim's Birthday party
    2. Goldilocks and the 3 bears
    3. Animals
    4. Numbers
    5. Three Billy Goats
    6. A very hungry caterpillar
    7. Alphabet book
    8. Air buddies (DVD)

  5. 8 songs I could listen to over and over
    1. Chhupa lo dil mein yung pyar mera..
    2. Sakhi Piya..
    3. Chain se ko kabhie , aapne jeene na diya...
      (Mind blanks out here.....)

  6. 8 Things that attract my best friends towards me
    1. Fun loving
    2. Can play the role of agony aunt at times :P
    3. Always smiling
    4. Happy natured
    5. Trust
      (I guess thats the best "blowing my own trumpet" that I can manage. Can't think of more)
Excuse me for not tagging anyone. Its been almost a month since I was tagged so I'm pretty sure everyone I know would have already done the tag!


  1. we shall together look up for some sponsor for the world tour...what say?

  2. ohh woh gaalat likha goes like..."Chain sey tum ney kabhi humko jeeney na diya..."

  3. sigh1 Why isn't travelling the world easy and available to all?