Monday, March 31, 2008

Off to school today!

Today he started his first day at formal school. He has been pretty excited since the last few days. Ever since we bought him his Thomas school bag yesterday, he is even more happier. :D

After filling up the required forms, when we sent him off to his class with a teacher I felt so heavy at heart and got emotional. I wonder why. Since he has been going to school since such a long a time it should not make a difference. But the fact is it did.

We have been waiting anxiously for the past hour for the clock to strike 10:00 when we can pick him up and take him with us. Today is a 2-2.5 hr introductory session for the kids. From tomorrow they will start going for regular timings of 8:30 to 12:30.

His school van has been fixed and we will introduce the driver to Anirudh since tomorrow he has to start going in that school van.

P.S. I by mistake posted the update on his blog. So read it here.

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  2. the first day at school is always emotional!

    all the best to your ons :)

  3. Good Luck dear Anirudh..and yes the bag is cute

  4. Unable to login to gmail.. but want to say this..

    Tell Betu he will love his school :) I can vouch for it. I wonder how I missed this post! I am getting nostalgic now

    !! whatsinaname!!