Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Betu's birthday is round the corner.

Its just about 10 days to go for Betu's birthday and he is super excited about it. Everyday, right from the time he wakes up I am targeted with questions about his birthday party, his friends, and the gifts! He talks about it at least 4-5 times a day taking into account he spends 1.5 hour with me in the morning before I drop him at school and another 3 hours in the evening after I pick him up from daycare. So whatever little time I spend with him these days goes in talking to him about his birthday.

The crux of the matter is that for him birthday means gifts! So his excitement is all about getting loads of gifts on his b'day!

I somehow get a little embarrassed when he gets so excited with gifts and in fact demands for return gift when we go to any birthday parties. Me and hubby both wonder if its just a phase he is in where birthdays and gifts are such an attraction. There are also times when we feel why is it such a big thing for him when we buy him so many toys and stuff.

In fact yesterday only I was discussing with Hubby that we as children never demanded any toys and stuff. And look at the children now. And I wondered where have we gone wrong?

Any of you faced such a situation? If you did, what did you do ? Shall I let him be? Or shall I do something to get him out of this gifts mania?


  1. So what plans for birthday ??

    I think I used to be excited about getting gifts and return gifts ..but never demanded. But I have seen kids who demand. These days since its a must thing to get a return gift take that for granted.

    I think do not get over board about this. However , each time he demands a gift from no so close people , tell him later on, that its not a good thing to demand gifts from other than mumma papa. Tell him , that it is a bad habit and Anirudh is not a bad boy ..right.

  2. i think its not just about how we bring them up. its more to do with their exposure to these trends and practices around them.

    and i've noticed that they are not so keen about opening the gifts as much as receiving them.

    we keep all the gifts away in the loft and then ration them over the year.

    and also get them involved in giving away as many as possible to orphanages, etc. they learn to give and learn that they are fortunate!