Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Koel boli ku ku ku...

On Friday, March 21, 2008, when I was visiting Appa, I heard the sound of Koel (Cuckoo) singing so beautifully. I rushed out to see if I can spot the bird. And it was sitting right in front of our balcony on a barren tree where the young leaves had started to sprout. And it kept singing so beautifully for so long and how I wished I had a better camera with a good zoom.

I called Anirudh and Appa to see the bird and then I realized how apt the situation was. Koels are usually sing during the spring season. And it was chhoti Holi that day...the day we celebrate the spring festival. It seemed as the Koel was participating the celebrations too..singing her beautiful songs in her beautiful voice!


  1. Now I know , why I have been hearing koel from past 4 days Goa and even in Bangalore , where you hardly see any birds.

  2. simple pleasures of life!!
    Good you showed the bird to laddo.

  3. Beautiful picture! Nice post, even in Princeton, we can see the leaves sprouting all over. Its nice to see that spring is on the way.

  4. it was also my first wedding anniversary!! :D thanks for the shot. it's beautiful.