Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Internet addiction more serious than OCD

I happened to chance upon this article which says Internet addiction is more serious than OCD. And it made me wonder and I started to relate it to self after I had read the article completely.

I think I can also call myself an Internet addict. I have a feeling of incompleteness, some void when I am not able to spend any time on the Internet. I'm sure it could be called a false feeling but I get a feeling of being 'connected' when I have ready access to the Internet. If there's no Internet connection I feel as if one lifeline is dead.

Even if it means just getting online for 5 minutes to check my email. Be it at work or at home. There HAS to be Internet connectivity available! And I feel the article aptly said, "Internet addiction is not manifesting itself as an 'urge.' It's more than that. It's a deep 'craving."

But I never paid so much though to my behaviour until I read this article and it make me wonder if I should do something about it.

Any of you have any thoughts on this?


  1. ME TOO,ME TOO ..I am addicted like anything ..please save me

  2. oh yaaa...believe me..its such a terrible addiction..i feel it all the time. but dont knw how to fight and get out of this.

  3. you should blog more.

    -advice from one addict to another.

    I'll come back to see if others have some sane advice...

  4. Kodi : You are just too funny!

  5. You know what, Internet is a BIG lonely place!

  6. Swati, My journey.., WIAN : *whew*..thank god I'm not alone :P

    Stone: Hmm...you saying this is not justified. You found your life partner thruogh this itnernet only :D

  7. that only adds more substance to it!!

  8. hi :

    i agree. but then that's how we are also addicted to our phones, tv, cars & other modes of transport, etc.

    i guess the catch is to be able to realise that all these are tools that help us get things done more efficiently or provide pleasure/entertainment and nothing more than that.

    and as long as we are able to maintain that balance and not lose touch with the reality around us. the minute we start believing more in the virtual world than the real world you can be sure that you are losing to the addiction!