Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Independence Day Celebrations!

Today we had Independence Day celebrations at work with everyone coming dressed in either or all of the tri-colors from the flag! Most of the guys came in Kurtas to keep with the traditional theme. There were just about 3 women folk in sarees. One had even adorned the churis (bangles) in the tricolor combination. The rest of the females came in suits.

The whole atmosphere had a happy feeling to it. Everyone was smiling and enjoying looking at others dressed as per the theme. So it felt nice to have such things taking place in the day to day monotonous office life.

Somehow when, the office boy came around offering mithai in tri-color I was reminded of our school days when we would so anxiously await for the box of laddoos that was distributed in the school during the assembly. There would be always 4 laddoos in that box and how I used to just eat little bit save them to take home. To me it seemed no less than a prize received. So it was guarded like a prized possession to ensure no other classmate steal away any bits of it.

And I wondered if Anirudh would also get a box of laddoos in his school where they are celebrating Independence Day too? He went dressed in white crisp new Kurta Pyajama which I bought for him this Sunday. I was wanting to buy a orange or a bandhani one with orange, green combo but couldn't find any so had to go with the plain white one. I did try to wrap around my yellow dupatta but he just didn't want it so I let him be just like that.

As I'm writing this I am excited thinking about how he would have celebrated the day at school, what all would he have done...which of course I will get to know partially when I go to pick him up in the evening. Partially because he just talks about the things which enthused him..but naturally..right? :D


  1. hope anisudh had a great time
    Loved your "ma" post. me too can never stand a chance in front of Mom or MIL. the things they can do !! even now...
    loved the pizza fotos. yaay i hav some hicken curry left over. will do the same

  2. I wish we celebrated 15th Aug here, I would absolutely love to dress up in the tri-color.

  3. oh! how sweet!I wish we had celebrated too.
    Next time, i am gona take the intiative!

  4. @all : Anirudh surely had lots of fun! And all of your staying out of India do celebrate it wherever you are! Whatever little or whatever more - it surely will be special time!