Friday, August 3, 2007

Having their 17th child and still raring to go?

I read this article about a couple who recently had their 17th child and they still want more!! I literally fell of my chair when I read just the title. 17th child!!! Oh my god! I mean there's nothing wrong with having 17 or 20 or for that matter any number of children but can you ever imagine yourself giving birth to even 5 children? I just can't! Positive. Never ever! Just 2 and that's it. I don't think I will survive the third!

Even more interesting was that have named all their children with the alphabet J.

I just shudder thinking about my not so easy pregnancy when nausea and throwing up worked overtime beyond the usual 3 months and extended till the end of 7th month. And the delivery? How can I ever forget it? With the OBG trying out 2 different sizes of vacuum and then finally using forceps to pull out Anirudh. And that was not it, they took full one hour to stitch me up. I had cried up so much that all my tears were dried up by that time.

Ohh boy! 17th child??? I don't even know if I should say "Hats off" or treat this as a kind of an effort to try and break or make some world record? How can anyone do justice to each child by giving them enough attention and time which each child needs? How? How? How?

I guess I should stop thinking about it before I lose my mind.


  1. lol

    Constantly in labor!
    Before and after birth!!

    I like her perseverance though.

  2. Hum 2 hamare 23
    By: Prawesh Lama MID-DAY
    June 21, 2007

    "Nuh (Mewat, Haryana): A 40-year-old woman in Mewat district of Haryana gave birth to her 23rd child on Sunday. The baby was born to Bismillah (40) and Mohammad Ishaq (50) at the nearby Al-Afia Government Hospital in the district.

    The couple were married in 1976 and since then, Bismillah has given birth to 23 children, the latest addition being a female child who was born on Sunday and named Shabira."

    Heeheheh..17 is too less for some you see !!!

  3. Whew! and Phew!
    Can you imagine how they would have worked at it- at making as well as raising the kids? LOL!

    WIN- don't you know how by now, at least? after two children?! LOL!

  4. For the sake of whites in America and the immigrants who wish to settle in USA, more white babies need to be born to keep America looking like it does now... its my observation from reading interesting studies in gender reproductive and social behavior across the white, black and hispanic societies.

  5. Swati : Wow! That beats this couple by quite a margin :P

    Manasi: What a strategy! Really!

  6. oops!!! And here are people chastisising me for my three!!!!!

  7. Krishna: hahaha... I know what you mean. I think you should forward this article to all of them! :P