Monday, October 6, 2008

You know you have been reading too many comics when...

..when you wanted to write "asterisk" and you write "asterix" instead!

And it takes you a while to understand what is wrong when you see those wrong spelling red underline under the word. :D


  1. Thats intelligent.
    What about cartoon network?

  2. my oh my - i till now, never realised asterisk and asterix are different spellings
    i always thought asterix is teh correct spelling

  3. to forget such things!! what gaul!! ;)

  4. learning things from your son or what..?


  5. where were you using this word? :)

  6. mampi: If only they would air Asterix on TV. Then Betu won't get any TV time :P

    --xh-- : hahaha! You are kidding me..right??

    manuscrypts: Seems like you ain't a Asterix fan! Else you would have understood and empathised with me :P

    Vinz: Ohh yes! You know the phrase "Child is the father of man! But since he is still not into Asterix (he's just 4 yrs) so the only thing I can blame for this is ME! :D

    Manasa: Was using it in a work related document.

    Pridera: Thanks and welcome to my blog!

  7. you sure are gonna get the gauls after you for this....i better watch my words too...:0

    and madame...tag take a look...

  8. That's what I would call the hallmark of a true Asterix fan!Left it to me I would be happy converting all asteriskes to Asterix:)