Friday, October 17, 2008


Today is Karvachauth and I'm fasting. This fast is kept by the married women for the well being of their husbands and the unmarried girls who have been engaged also keep it if they desire.

So on the eve of Karvachauth, we put mehendi. Every year I've managed to go to a nearby place and get it done from the professionals. This year I couldn't manage to do that so I did it at home itself. Rita Bhabhi got me a mehendi cone when she had gone to get her mehendi done.

Betu also gets small motifs done whenever I go for my mehendi. He calls them tattoo :D

Here is the pic of him making a sun motif on my right hand.

Can you see the motif on the back of his left hand?

The sun motif that Betu drew but after I did some modifications to it.

The motif that I made on my left hand.


  1. Betu did better job than mumma :)

  2. Happy Karwachauth to you. I am fasting too today.Betu did a good job with the motif :)

  3. Happy Karwachauth :)
    Betu's inheriting your artistic talents!

  4. i agree with swati :) happy karwachauth... i am fasting too but couldnt put any mehndi not even a customary dots....sob sob...

  5. Awww... so sweet of him to do your mehendi! Happy fasting. :)

  6. Aww... So sweet :)

    I have a LOT of issues with this festival so, no comments on the whole fasting thing!

    But, Betu is so cute and the Mehndi is very pretty too :)

  7. Nice designs by ur son...

    About fasting, thankfully, am not married yet :D

  8. Happy Karwa Chauth to you too ! Me not fasting this time...I have done the puja though !

  9. sooo beautiful!! (both mehandi and your son's attention while drawing it!)
    I find the whole concept of karwa chauth to be lovely(though I know many find it regressive these days).
    Have a wonderful day :-)

  10. Happy Karvachauth :)
    Its a nice colorful day here at work! Though we naughty single ones are deliberately snacking in front of the ones on a fast :D
    Yes, bad bad us!
    How are you?

  11. hey

    was hoping someone would blog about KC.
    thank god you did...

    betu did a good should have seen what i made...??

  12. Happy KaryaChauth!!
    I have learnt the importance of this festival through friends ... in Karnataka, we celebrate Gowri pooja a day before Ganesh Chaturthi. The purpose of this pooja is same as KarvaChauth :)

  13. Beautiful work, by you both. Anirudh's work was really neat! Lots of pucchas to him.

  14. :)

    very neat work by aniridh yet again!! aur aapka toh jawaab hi nahi! :)



  15. Wow and betu is artistic too - not surprising though!