Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My kind of day

Life Begins tagged me on "My Kind of Day" where I could imagine and share with others what kind of day I would love to have. I know I am pretty late in doing this tag and decided to do it before she loses any hopes of me ever doing the tag :D

So coming back to the tag does it mean what kind of day I would make if I was to be in Weather God's shoes? Wow! Wouldn't it be so nice? Swaying my wand , sprinkling some magic dust and lo and behold I create a brand new day for the people on earth! let me think about it. I like rain and I like nice cloudy sky with cool winds blowing. And I like the evening sun. So how about creating a day with all these 3 elements put together. WOW! WOW! Just imagining it makes me go WOW!

So let there be little rain in the morning for 2-3 hours. So when we look out of the house the whole world seems crisp and fresh and the plants in their greenest greens and dew drops at the edge of the leaves and on the flower petals.

After the rains lets have a nice cloudy sky with cool breeze blowing. So that when you walk you can feel the cool wind in your hair and you can see the plants and trees swaying with happiness.

And by evening lets have the sun start shining playing hide and seek between the clouds. The kids would be playing in the parks or cycling around.

But but but. The most important thing is I would like to have this kind of a day on a holiday and NOT on a working day at all. Coz if this kind of day happens on a working day I wouldn't be able to enjoy it even one bit! :)

So how do you guys like my kind of day?

Now to tag others. Are you guys game to do it? Suma, Asha and BombayGirl. If yes, lets hear from you.


  1. ahhh!!! now that's an ideal day..something like yesterday

    with some pakodas too...and a book and some free time...wait..let me do my own post, after all i have the tag to do...:D

  2. wow, that is a soo wonderful day... add a bit of riding and I am all set to enjoy a super duper day...

  3. lovely day u are :)she tagged me also on this... have to do it soon

  4. Can I just cut and paste your day? Sounds perfect! ;)

  5. sounds wonderful! I am still not done writing mine.

  6. a perfect day indeed!! :D