Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its been raining awards!

Literally! After receiving the "Briallante" award from in 2 lots from 5 different people I was flying high when another 3 dropped in my bag (or blog?) from 3 more bloggers - PG, Monika & Monika,Ansh. Thank you all of you!

But I must say this to all..."Itna bhi mat chadhayo ki main neeche hi nahi aa payoon!" :D

And while I had not gathered myself up from beaneath the heap of this "Briallante" award that another one came from 2B's Mommy - The "Blogging Friends Forever" award! To quote her "~nm: A wonderful blogging friend who is always encouraging and supportive. I love visiting her blog too, specially for that element of surprise - you never know what her next post is going to be about. Just love her creativity and her sweet posts inspired from everyday life."

Thanks 2BsMommy - You are such a wonderful person yourself that I'm so glad I came to know you, whatever little may it be.

Frankly all these awards have left me pondering about self and my posts. Are they really looked forward by others? Do they really interest and impact others so much that I've been constantly receiving these awards? Not that I don't like being appreciated but I've always been the kind who feels only deserving should get such awards and appreciations! Never thought that a sundry blogger like me would get it too! And that too from so many people!

And now its my turn to pass on this award to 3 other bloggers. It was really difficult to choose just 3. Here are them:

1. Swati

2. How do we know

3. Lost on the street

Be my friends. Forever!

Edited to add:
Got this award from K3 Rocks once again!Thanks girl!


  1. wow.. congratz on all the awards... :)

  2. IS THAT ME YOU ARE AWARDING? Wait , I think I just fainted!! And arent you supposed to atleast let me know that you have chosen me!!! :-)
    Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou... :-)
    btw, Congrats to you of course :-))
    and ahem how do I announce the same on blog? Like copy the image and put it in my blog, right?
    oh please dont take away the award because of the last stupid question!! :-(

  3. I never awarded with anything..so going by your logic, does that mean people do not look forward to my posts??Boo hoo
    **goes off to sulk in one corner**
    PS: Congrats on the award..i am plainly jealous of you..humph!

  4. hey congrats...i agree with 2b's mommy :)

  5. congrats!!! u are a person who truly deserved all these

  6. get a huge bag and collect them all.


  7. CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it and more! I totally agree with the surprise thing abt ur blog. You never know what the next post is going to be about. :-)

    Oh Man!! I was sooo overwhelmed when i read this. The first time i read, just went away in denial (nahi mera naam nahi ho sakta) - yes, that dramatic.

    Thanks a whole ton NM! You totally make my day!!