Monday, February 2, 2009

This was my dinner yesterday - Palak Paneer with Makke ki roti!

Do I have to add that it was droolicious? :D

It was an impromptu menu. I had palak in my freezer. I asked hubby if he wants to have palak with corn or with paneer. He opted for paneer. I had corn in my freezer but not paneer. So hubby went to buy paneer from the local grocer and bought makke ka atta as well. And so I ended up making this yummy combination.

And eating makke ki roti garma garam with lots of ghee on it, even though lethal, was heaven!


  1. Cooking - truly satisfying. What fun!

  2. Looks really yummy.I love Makki di roti te sarson da saag. Palak is greta too. Don't think abt the ghee. Without it, it'll not taste good at all.

  3. There is still an hour to go for lunchtime and I wish I had not seen your blog. Cant stop drooling. Very very hungry! There better be something that delicious in the canteen ka khana today. Or you are going to have to send a tiffin parcel across to Pune ;)

  4. yes, I'm drooling too! Delicious! haven't had makke ki roti since I don't even know how many years. After seeing yoursI feel like making it too.

  5. ek to vaise hi my weight is going anti gravity, then u post these pictures and make me hungry all over again.. not nice.

  6. Looks great (and am sure that must have tasted like heaven!)
    Coincidentally,even A (my husband) cooked palak paneer yesterday with some help from Manjula aunty (some lady on the youtube). And so this post brings back (tasty) memories of the day gone by :-)

  7. Looks yummy! :-)
    Now, am feeling hungry... *sigh*

    I don't like paneer though!
    But, I love anything made from Palak - so, usually visible peices of paneer will be passed on to the hubby before the dish is eaten! :D

  8. jealous and hungry unequal proportions

  9. i hate you yet again!

    palak is my fav and i can never make it nice! mail me the recipe pls! :D



  10. oh gosh! there! you did it again! :D
    just yday i was wondering how i happen to come here every time u post about food! :D
    looks delish, gurl!!
    lemme go make some bfast now! :D

  11. I think I have to stop reading your blog from now on.You couldn't be more cruel ,you know :-)...oh for a slice of that cake too

  12. Please stop posting such pics :-( :-(

    Or invite me for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

  13. You had to rub it in, didn't ya ? I want to eat Makke ki roti too now! Its been ages since I even saw one :-(

  14. i love makke di roti- and yours looks yummy as does the cake in the previous post)

    is it not the season for sarson ka saag now? and garam moong ka halwa?

  15. Looks yummm... how about sarson da saag on the side too ;)

  16. im eating matar paneer RITE NOW as i type this. :D and ate it with wheat rotis .. but ran out of atta after two .. so made me one small makki ki as well. heh

    it's an acquired taste - makki ki roti - but those of us who acquire it can't live without it after a while.

    yay to makki. i luv it with butter and salt and red mirchi on it! YUMMM eat that with dahi !! YUMMM!

    okie i am done. hehe

    'n 'n 'n im gonna go get blueberries! :p too citric for my taste though eh.