Monday, February 2, 2009

Baking rendezevous

As you can see I'm going through the baking mania phase these days. I keep trying different recipes from either the internet or from my previously collected recipe library. There are days when its a flop show and there are days when they come out really wonderful. Leaving me wondering if I really baked that cake *wink* :D

So today I happened to see this apple raisin cake recipe and I decided that I had to make it today in any circumstances. The cake rose just right, it browned just right and it was spongy and well moist too. Just the PERFECT cake.

So without holding back any further, I present to you the pictures of the cake:

I poured a bit of honey on the slices and it tasted even more delicious.

Want the recipe? Here you go.

Happy baking!


  1. yummmmmmy !! Checked out the recipe too. Do you know any nice eggless cake recpies ?

  2. is it you, or is it just me??
    i think i have some in-built food radar! :D
    will try this for sure! :D

  3. bravo!!! bhabhi if you ever try baking non-sweet stuff (veggies, souffles) i am going to try them too. so far i have baked enough sweet things to fatten myself and bhuwan already :-(

    i think i am lacking the "real indian inspiration" on baking :-)

  4. I love honey on anything meant to eat.The cake seems so tempting that I feel instead of offering ,'Want the recipe? it should had been....'Want the cake? Here you go... Wishful thinking