Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Separation anxiety

I'm sure we all have read and heard lot about 'separation anxiety'. But then whatever you would have read or heard would have been relating to the kids and the kids going through this pahse. But what I'm writing about here is not related to a kid but to US parents. Yes. We are going through a separation anxiety these days. And when I saw 'we', I mean me and hubby. Sounds confusing? Ok. Let me tell you in detail.

It's so that we have to attend a wedding of hubby's cousin at Kota. Betu's Dadi-Dadu and Chachu-Chachu along with their son Aryan will also be there. There is another wedding of hubby's another cousin to be held in Jaipur few days later. We shall be going there again 2 days after coming back to Delhi from Kota. So the thoughts are that Betu will go with his Dadi-Dadu and stay with them instead of coming back with us. It sounded like a good plan for him to spend some good time with Dadi-Dadu and also with Aryan. But me and hubby both are not sure if it will go fine as he has never stayed without us even for one night. So we both were totally confused.

So to clear this confusion, we thought it was best to talk to Anirudh about it and see what his views are. The first day I spoke with him, about 2 days ago, he was thrilled at the idea. He was also mighty excited about playing with Aryan.

But I clearly told him that Papa-Mumma wouldn't be there with him for 3 days and that he would need to sleep with Dadi-Dadu. I thought that might make him retract back but that wasn't to be. He was just so happy about going to Jaipur with his Dadi-Dadu and Aryan. So far so good.

But to just check if this was not a one day excitement, I talked to him again about it yesterday. And still he showed the same excitement and was determined to stick to this plan. I tried an emotional trick to see what his reaction would be. I asked him "Aapko Papa-Mumma ki yaad aayegi, fir kya karoge?". He didn't even have to think for a second and responded "Koi baat nahi. Aapki wahan photo hogi na. Main usko dekh lunga. Fir mujhe yaad nahi aayegi."

I really didn't know if I should be happy that he is being such a strong boy. Or should I be sad that he won't miss us? But after looking at his determination, his Mumma papa are definitely going through a separation anxiety phase. We are not sure if we will manage fine without him in the house. Yup. The situation is other way around here :D


  1. just goes on to show what a well adjusted kid he is!

    hats off to you guys!! feel very proud! :D



  2. I guess the training has started for when the little Bird has to learn to Fly……

    Part of being a parent is about Control & about dealing with it when you finally lose control of your children’s lives…

    Good Luck u r goanna need it…… also have faith…… he is going to b fine……

  3. LOL ! I know what you mean :) But let me also test how I will manage with 2 kids :P ..hehhehe

  4. He is a great kid.

    I am just learning to cope with the same thing!

    ofcourse he'll miss you...at the moment he's looking forward to the wedding and there he'll miss you.But i feel kids love to be at weddings.....

    ofcourse he'll miss you...at the moment he's looking forward to the wedding and there he'll miss you.But i feel kids love to be at weddings.....

  7. yeah I know what u mean. But it's a good thing I guess. Just goes to show that Betu is a big boy now.
    Time for parents to grow up :)

  8. ha h ah a.. u have a great kid. be happy for that
    and yaad zyada aaye to mere yahaan aa jaana, mera beta itna tang karega ki naani bhi yaad aa jayegi

  9. Hmmm,
    Blessed that you have such a kid.
    Now i wont have to baby sit him while you go catch up with A-movies. Hehehe.
    Let the child have a life of his own yaar. Hadd ho gayee tum logo wali toe.
    boring papa-mumma. Ja beta anirudh, have fun.

  10. Aw ! Thats neat..and those wonder years...i bet they will carry some wonderful memories !

  11. awww but i know what u mean... today while i was coming for office Ojas didnt cry like he usually does and thak there was something i felt deep down... i was happy that he didnt cry but still kept thinking does that mean he will not miss me anymore

  12. you can do it babe. and you'll be amazed at how accommodating kids are. mine have been going since they were one and most often they dont want to come back!