Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mixed Vegetables Souffle

After Manasi asked to post some non-sweet stuff, I made this today and had it for dinner -

This is a mixed vegetables souffle which was polished off by hubby dear and moi in 15 mins flat! :D

After the success of this one I want to try many more. And with that my plans of loosing those extra kilos just flew out of the window :P

P.S. Recipe will follow soon.


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  2. god! are you for real??!!

    adopt me! PLEASE!


  3. Wow!

    Yummy! :-)

    Please post the recipe soon!! :)

    (not able to log on to my id...)

  4. nm dear please give the instruction for microwave users too. We have just bought one and the MW and I keep staring at each other and I have not been able to muster enough courage to begin cooking in it!

  5. Looks yummy. please post the recipe soon! Nice blog. I read all the posts till today

  6. yummy looking forward to the rec