Friday, January 30, 2009


Two days ago as I was watching this video of Jessica Cox, Betu came over to my side to see what I was watching. He asked me who is this person. I told him this girl doesn't have any hands and can still fly a plane. I showed him how she uses her legs deftly and manouvers the airplane so beautifully. He kept watching and when she started to play piano with her legs he asked me why she was playing with her legs. I again reminded him that she doesn't have hands. He then asked me "par woh apne pair se kyun kar rahi hai? Pair nahi lagate na? Gandi baat hoti hai na?" I knew where this came from. I always tell him not to step on books and toys and he was repeating what I have been telling him. I tried to explain and reason but he was not convinced. I knew it would be difficult to explain.

He continued to ask me questions about her and how she does things and I tried to answer as best as I could. During the conversation I asked him to thank God for making us healthy. The moment I said that I felt my statement was wrong. Having 2 eyes, 2 ears, one mouth, 2 hands and 2 legs doesn't make us healthy. Its your heart, mind and your physical abilities in totality that make us 'healthy'. Even if one bit is missing, it will be a state of unhealthiness.

And just because we cannot think of suriving and doing things without our hands or without legs, we call others as handicapped or as disabled? Isn't the other way round? Aren't we the ones who are handicapped?

My discussion with Betu left me pondering for long on the whole aspect of our being and calling us abled. The impact the video had on Anirudh, I realised only the next day morning. After he had woken up and was snuggling with me, he asked me again about the video and the 'girl' in the video. His questions were endless - "How she would brush her teeth? How would she drink her duddhu? How would she take her bath? How would she wear her clothes? How would she wear her shoes?" and it went on and on. I again tried to answer to my best and in the end told him "Betu, agar aap try karoge to sab ho jaata hai.".

And I closed the topic at that. I felt it was enough for him at such a young age. But it sure is a topic which we grownups should think and do something to change our attitude towards life.


  1. It surely is a difficult topic when it comes to explaining it to kids.

  2. an amazing video too. I think I#ll show it to Rishab

  3. I believe the correct Term is “Differently Abled”……

    Anyways this incident reaffirms my belief that the Children are like sponges gathering all knowledge around them and have the capacity to access the Simplicity of the Situation with an objective opinion……

  4. I agree that just having our organs in place doesn't necessarily make us whole, nevertheless we should be thankful for a functional body even if we are handicapped in other ways.

  5. Such an inspiring story ~NM. I feel that it would be more difficult situation to explain to kids if we see a handicapped person begging on the streets. This story about Jessica Cox has a positive spin and is so inspiring. I was reading your vacation posts as well. Glad that you all had a wonderful time.

  6. I am glad that you are having such conversations with him !

    And what a profound observation that was. That what was inside the heart, mind and soul mattered as much. If not more...! That is the essence !

    Lovely !

  7. Even now I ask questions about religious stuffs which they ask me to follow.. why this, why that..

    My mom gets annoyed the same way :)))

  8. so totally agree with ur definitoin of being healthy .... it's a feeling innit .... a state where everything around you seems good ... laughing is not a chore but a part of who u are ... being happy ... and healthy. hmm. thoughtful post as always.

  9. well, actually it should be easier for us with atleast the physical bit taken care of!

    but then we tend to indulge in petty mindgames, while those who are differently ables focus all their energies on being positive and doing their best!


  10. YOu know what, I had a similar experience a few days back when a beggar with only one arm came to our car window. I think I'll post about it rather than make this a mini post.

  11. Once some time back, Sonny boy saw a legless man who was moving about on those platforms with wheels, and he was so taken with the sight, he wanted to zip along like that too......
    and then I explained to him that the poor man was not having fun, he was finding it difficult, but I don't think I managed to convince him..

    Seeing the kids' fresh innocent approach to such things, makes us count our blessings all the more for all those things we otherwise take for granted, doesn't it?

  12. whenever i see a handicapped person struggling at opening / entering doors or other such things i run up and help them. earlier i also gave them a broad smile which i realized lateron was disliked by some because of me treating them extra-specially. interestingly many handicap adult people didn't like that extra attention coming their way on account of their handicap...

    now i still run up and open doors but with only a nod and look in their eyes as if he/she is as able as i am.

    i agree - our mind is our real life force and our body is just a contraption... a physical device at the disposal of our mind to attain its objectives! try putting it that way for him and i am sure he will see through this logic!