Thursday, January 8, 2009

It has been a long debated topic

and still it never ends. The topic in question is about women and treating women well if not equally.

My thoughts on this were triggered by a post that I read recently where they had shown this label:

As I said lot has been talked about and debated on this topic and I've nothing more to add. But it always makes me wonder how long will this continue? When will the people actually think maturely?

Like the author I didn't know whether to get angry or laugh at it. I just rolled my eyes and left it at that.


  1. In which age do these people live? I pity them !

  2. It is a sure sign that nothing has changed for women, they may rule countries, run businesses successfully, run for President of the most powerful nation in the world, be the President of the world's most populous democracy... but the mind set will just not go!If you point out these things you will be labeled a feminist if you laugh at it you will be told "after all women are their own worst enemies- saas aur bahuon ko hi dekh lo", if you ignore it you are left with that uncomfortable feeling... You just have to stive on and try to eradicate such prejudice and stereotyping from the minds of your children and hope that these reminders of us being the "second sex" is slowly rooted out from human minds. Sorry for the rant, but this has not come because of this post alone but from small everyday experiences like this one that happens to us women many a times.

  3. This is big bullshit.
    Though I have never come across any such label, so I am not sure if it is true or morphed.

  4. Reminds me of an incident:
    The organization that I worked for few years back gave us employees a coffee mug each, to minimize use of plastic cups. Obviously we had to wash our cups ourselves. This one colleague, while waiting in queue said to me "Hey can you wash my cup too? After all its a girls job.."
    I was too flustered then to say anything, wishing I could come up with something nasty. But alas...Some people just don't grow up.

  5. Diya: No no..not a rant at all. Its a good way of discussing our views. And I so agree with you.

    Mampi: I have never seen such a label and I really hope it is a morphed image and doesn't exist in real.

    G: Did he have a glass/breakable mug? If yes I would have taken it from him and dropped it to make it shatter to pieces and would have said "Opps" with a smile and walked off.

  6. the reality is that men like the above are being subjected to a lot of dulai they try to have a good laugh by projecting such MCP images!!!!

    just LOL

  7. Gender stereotypes exist. Actions to break them down, exist too. And as they co-exist, there will be fireworks..!!

    Overtime, these will disappear. They have to. Until then, certain elements need to ignored, with disdain. Like this label !

  8. May be its better to take in the other way ( a li'l positive way!)..that men are good for nothing, even washing clothes :) Just kidding...
    Its definitely annoying to see that...!

  9. That looks like a "photoshoped" image.

    ...and of course it is ridiculous.

  10. It is for sure not real. Unless the seller wants to go bankrupt. Don't forget, the majority of shopping for clothes is still done by women in a family.
    I had got a similar "joke" - form those who consider it as one- more than 5 yeras ago and it was something about ironing clothes or so. And I remember geting so angry and was very irritated. This time I can laugh a bit, but onyl a little, it still irritates me that such idiots exist.

  11. Is that real? WTF!!!

    Anyway, something for you on my blog space.

  12. My response:
    Who cares for their mindset

  13. ok! i am gonna pick funny! these are the kinda tags tantra tees might have and i wont take them seriously!

    we have to stop taking ourselves so seriously! :)



  14. i have seen this before... was pissed off for days... when i saw it was also the brand mentioned whose label it is forgot abt it now....

    pathetic is all i can say