Monday, January 12, 2009

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

I had read the book "The Historian" more than a month ago but never sat down to write down my views on it. Until now :) I won't call it a review as I am not sure I know how to write reviews. I don't now what it should have and what it shouldn't so that it doesn't become a spoiler.

This novel by Elizabeth Kostova is a tale of a quest for the 'Vlad the Implaer' who is none other than the Dracula or 'Drakulya' as called in the novel. It has been presented as a first person account and it reaches through the past five centuries with the story settings all over Europe.

Although the book was a bit thick, about 650 odd pages, but I really enjoyed reading it. The story was quite gripping and thrilling. The author kept the curiosity maintained almost throughout the book.

And after reading the book I really wanted to travel to Budapest and Istanbul. The way the author described both the cities I was quite intrigued.

So people how like a bit of history, a bit of horror and a bit of thriller its a good read.


  1. Hey thanks re!Now I know what would be the next book for me to read! I am currently reading Shashi deshpande's 'moving on' and am already not enjoying it!

  2. Thats an awesome threesome !! Hmm. now, thats some book to look forward to !!


  3. sounds like s fun read!! :)



  4. finally someone who has read this book....

    i liked it too, different and very interesting...

  5. sounds interesting... may be will pick it up....

    abt istanbul I have read Istanbul: Memories of a City‎ and My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk and they have created such a desire in me to visit the place

  6. It was the one u were reading when I had come over, right?
    Not jealous of this book reading though.