Saturday, December 20, 2008

Who says different religions can't stay side by side?

They definitely do in our house -

We celebrate Id with the Khans who are our next door neighbors. I take gifts for their grandchildren and Anirudh gets Idi from them.

We celebrate Lohri with out Sikh friends and they celebrate Sankranti with us.

We put up a Christmas tree for Christmas celebrations and my christian friends celebrate Diwali with us.

We all can stay together and be happy but only if we all want to! The decision is ours and don't we all know which is the better way? :)


  1. Lovely post... I totally agree with your last line. :)

  2. I always wonder why it seems so simple for some od us and so complicated for a lot of others!

  3. It is lovely my dear. Most of us are this way, that's why the nation is together in spite of the efforts of you know who! Our neighbours are christians and they had lit small diyas on Diwali and celebrated it in their own way. They are going home to Cochin for Christmas so they did not buy a tree here. Their daughter was looking longingly at our tree and she said "auntie we don't have a tree". I explained to her that she will not be here is christmas and she will find a huge tree in Cochin for her her. The poor girl still looked sad! I smiled and thought what irony I am enjoying a better christmas than this christian family for the moment! Then I thought, isn't christmas mine too? The same way that diwali was their's in their own way? I have been feeling that joyous christmassy feeling from the time that I found christmas presents under my pillow on christmas day and I wrote letters to Santa and tried to stay awake to catch him way back when I was 4years old? The wonderful christmas cakes we had and the way we sang 'jingle bells' loudly while coming back from school in our bus? And the long line of christmas trees that I made by hand first for many years and then bought and decorated for so many years more...that is my Christmas and it means love laughter joy and warmth on chilly winter nights!

  4. For some its a simple thing, and all such simple thoughts are so beautiful and heart warming but wish it is same for everyone:)
    Merry Christmas ~nm~

  5. Lovely.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I guess we all have that thing in us. Possibly that is why we are still together despite all the ugly attempts of the politicians to tear us apart from each other.

  6. If we want, we can do anything...achieve it. And no religion is beyond giving and and peace...
    thats a wonderful network of friends you have

  7. We can think of a better tomorrow only by teaching our children. Well done nm.