Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How long can you hold on?

I have been having slight stomach ache and upset stomach since 3 days. And because of that I was eating very light. Primarily zeera rice with curd. I've had 5 such meals over the 3 days and today when I came back from work I just couldn't resist taking a bit of gazak. One bite of kaju burfi. One spoon of bikaneri bhujia. I just couldn't hold on any longer!! I had to eat something besides rice and curd!!

So tell me is it just me or you guys also give in? Or can you guys hold on longer on your food desires especially in such stomach upset situations?

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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  1. I can't, but 3 das is a long time and if you have a craving, it is a goo sign. But, still try to avoid too much of fats in food. If you feel good, then you could eat normal food now.

  2. I can't hold back generally...
    but, I did hold on remarkably well when I wasn't well some months back...

  3. i don t even try... just eat whatever i want no matter how much im supposed to avoid it

  4. Hahaha,
    I always give in the temptation.
    We are, but, the children of Mr Adam and Mrs (or was she Miss) Eve.

  5. sickness or not, food is always something I dont stay away from :-D

    but if it is a must, then yeah, i can hold back... but if some one sits at my table and eats all the delicious food.. hm.. then.. may be... well, u get the drift, rt? :)

  6. ha...a Foodies' gathering here:D
    You stayed on rice and curd for 3 days? Kudos!
    Impossible for me:D

  7. I am juts like u. I would not have lasted any longer

  8. Believe it or not, I had much more self control 10 years ago than I have now!! And we're supposed to 'mature' with age!! Ha ha!!

  9. Dont ask.. :( I cannot resist things like pani puri, chaat etc however bad my tummy is!
    So it is not only you. :D

  10. :) Well, I am actually not a foodie. So, even otherwise, I have very little of craving. But yes, when I have, I have what I wish to have ;)
    So, go ahead girl! Yenjai

  11. Diets and me don't go together. Tho' I can fast for when I want to.
    Btw, glad to know your blackberry's back! :-D

  12. oh well! i pop some pills to make sure tummy is ok and get ready to hog again! :p



  13. Hmm.. sent from a Blackberry. Same Blackberry that drowned in October or a spanking new one?

    Who needs food when you have fancy gadgets!