Friday, December 5, 2008

Observations about some people in my company

I'm sure each one of us has come across something about a colleague which amuses you or maybe even disgusts you. I also have a few colleagues about whom I've observed a few weird quirks.

There is one colleague who matches lipstick colors with her dresses. You may so whats wrong with it. Yup. There is nothing wrong with it unless you wear orange lipstick to match your orange outfit. Unless you wear purple lipstick when you wear purple dress. Unless you wear bright pink lipstick when you wear a bright pink dress. So you get the drift? :D

Is it just me who finds these combination a little off? Is it just me who's old fashioned and doesn't know the latest trends? I think a nice red lipstick goes well with a nice red dress but orange lipstick?

Then there is this another colleague who wears a leopard print chiffon scarf every single day. It's immaterial if it matches with her dress or not. To me it does seem a little weird. I'm sure that in this case I can't called old fashioned for sure! I like leopard prints but then they have to go with your whole attire. And even if it is the style factor, how can one wear the same darn scarf every single day is beyond me. I've been seeing her wearing it since the past 7 months!! Probably its just her lucky charm *wink*.

And there is this newly married girl (got married in Jan'08). I don't even know her name. I just know her because every time I go to the loo, 80% of the times she is there applying either a lip gloss or a lipstick. Be it 9 in the morning or 12 in the afternoon or 5 in the evening. And I wonder..does one really need to do so much? I agree I'm not a makeup person at all. Rarely are the days when I even put on a lipstick. I'm one of those carefree, nonchalant about my appearance kind of a person. I know I'm one extreme of not doing applying any makeup but retouching your makeup 6-7 times a day is a bit too much. Isn't it?


  1. using matching lipsticks is not so weird. I remember seing such habits among many women in India. This is an indication of their personality for sure, but not their character.
    WE usually get too overwhelmed by the exteior that we don't think any further.
    I don't like leopard prints at all. And here I get to see it quite often. :D
    And it is all a matter of taste, I think.
    I'm sure this scarf has some magic on her, makes her feel good or something or some memory associated with it, who knows. we can postulate as much we want. I don't know if you get to talk to her so often to be able to ask her.

  2. I have a theory about the 'newly-wed'. Does her hubby work in the same office?

  3. Funny observations :) Whats your little quirk? just curious. Mine was to drink about 10 cups of green tea a day :)

  4. Oh they do sound weird though not so much the 1st person. I've seen several doing it & I must confess that I also change lip colours to suit the outfit sometimes. :)

    Now regd the last lady , I had a friend with the same problem in school. She had a complex & used to keep applying a "panstick" to look fairer. Even now, she's the same & I pity her. As young girls we used to make fun of her but now I really feel pained by our insensitivities.

  5. Matching lipsticks sure are funny! Hey but how come no quirks of male colleagues. I am sure you have observed some of them too. Picking one's nose, burping out loud at every hour are some I witness each day. :D

  6. hey!!!

    what does the lady do when she wears green???

    would love to see a pic of her in that!!!!

  7. does the 'matching lipstick' lady wear black? ;)

    have u read the book 'P.S: I love you'.... In the book, the main chracter considers taking up 'people spotting' as a profession.. :) seems like ur fave hobby too... ( mine also) :D

  8. hehe
    Since i live in a glass house and have lots of quirks myself, I better not throw stone at others. But yeah maybe that scarf IS lucky for her ;-) I will do a post someday on some of the superstition i harbour

  9. Hahaha.
    Bach ke reh N, aaj kall Lipstick ka funda panga ban jata hai...

  10. hahahaha....interesting topic.

    Reminds me of lot of weird characters :-)

    At my last job, my next desk neighbour girl had some fascination with medicines and all sort of creams/lotions; Her desk was like show-window of a medical store.
    We always saw her applying creams/lotions to her hands/feet/lips/neck/face etc etc....I guess she had different cream for both hands.

  11. Btw..yeh East(wo)man colors waali aunty ka photo post kariye kabhi ;-)

    Yeah..when she dons purple lipstick ;-)

  12. and these women... well.. yeah, the scarf must be her lucky charm! ;)
    i can't keep touching up make-up. i do apply lipstick if i'm going out for meetings & stuff... and i use kajal. aside from that, nothing! and i apply it once in the morng... couldn't be more bothered!

    on guy quirks... there was this guy i'd hired. he stored a HELL lot of cosmetics (?) in the office drawer. the stash included moisturizers, hair sprays, hair gels, chapsticks, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, sunscreens... GEEZZZ!!!

  13. Orange Lipstick?!! Realy?! i tried imagining how that would look like!! LOL!!!

    Yea, I have seen girls/women in my previous office who used to re-touch their make-up couple or more times in a day!!

  14. why are a number of women, at times men too, so particular about looking their best always, even at the cost of jeopardising their natural beauty

  15. Orange??!!! That could be a bit weird..considering i'll be thought of in nice terms if I even remember to apply lipstick...i can't be bothered half the time...
    but yes, like Rayshma said, i've seen many obsessed men and their cosmetics too....and that kinda squeels me up...

  16. Well tell her someday that she will look great in a black saree. and see the fun. :))

  17. Hey I have a first and third kinds in my office and whats more , I have one obsessed with mauve color. I know ppl have more dresses in favourite colour but then do you have your nailpaint , lipstick, sandals , dress , mobile , ID tag & cup in your favourite color ???

  18. This seems to be an upcoming trend amongst most newly married change avatars completely!
    Sheesh! I have a doubt...would the husbands recognize them with painted faces? Mine would never!:D

  19. Welcome to the new age world…… Vanity is all v have……

    On one hand u have Fashion Vistas & on the other Fashion Victims……

    Think about it a women’s most powerful weapon is her Beauty & she needs all the weapons in her arsenal……

  20. can you ask the 'MATCHING LIPSTICK 'lady if she takes her clothes along to get the perfect match...


  21. oprange lipstick? you get shades like that?

    but you know, i think some people are verrrry particular about how they look outside their home...i have a friend who has to dress up even when leaving her kid to the bus-stop...

  22. :D

    well i wont dare an orange, but a hot pink perhaps! but mostly not to work! :D

    what is there is a blogger noticing my quirks?! hehe!



    ps: i keep thinking of refreshing least my lipstick, but i forget everyday!! hehe!

  23. Dude even your post has been copied by that SAG person !

  24. Hmmm..weird no? Matching lipstick and all that. Some people have this burning desire or itch to constantly check on their makeup and touch up now and then.

    Oh, I moved to wordperss and this is my link