Wednesday, December 17, 2008

As long as it lasts...

I'm talking about my job here. With the current market conditions, this is on top of the minds of everyone. Last time when we had the slowdown in 2000 (?), it affected primarily the IT sector. But this time the wave has covered the entire economy and all the sectors. Lay-offs have started in huge numbers everywhere and we at my current organisation were sitting with bated breath if our company shall follow suit soon.

And yes it did even if in small numbers so far. 12 people have been asked to resign and that includes 2 Project Managers. Some more developers have been asked to move to their support center. This means change from the role of developer to the role of Customer Service Executive. Some agree and accept the demotion while some don't and are leaving.

After a group interaction with the senior management, the main criteria for these exits was not performance. The criteria was being on bench i.e. no work since a long time and cost to the company.

But now my worry starts because if my guess is right, they will focus on newcomers in the next batch of exits. And I will definitely come in that batch coz its not been even one year since I joined this organisation. I was quite nervous initially. But over the past few days I've kind of prepared for this mentally. There is so much I can do to save my job since the criteria has not been performance so far. And if the company doesn't get any new projects, I'm definitely doomed!!

I've no clue what I will do if god forbid this happens. But I definitely know that I'm not having any sleepless nights thinking and worrying over the issue anymore.

So its a wait and watch game for me and any day you might hear from me that I'm a free bird! :D


  1. Totally understand your state of mind. Waiting with bated breath is what many of us are doing. And the more practical types are also looking at backup options to keep the machine oiled.

  2. understands wht u r going through.. and happy to see teh positive streak.. many of my friends had the same issue - and some lost job also... and we - well, come January and we will know what our company is planning.

  3. ya i understand what u are going thru... the situation is the same everywhere.... my own company is in a very very bad situation gladly the india centre is still stable but the day they decide to chop i will find myself ina very riskly situation.. i am just 4 months old in the organization

  4. yep, totally understand what you are going thru.. we, in the IT sector have been hit the worst!
    I hope nothing bad happens and that you stick to your job...

  5. I meant, that you don't lose your job and you guys ride thru these difficult times...
    (Not sure if this was conveyed in my previous comment and didn;t want to end up hurting your feelings)

  6. I suggest in these difficult times keep all your good luck charms close to you. Let the good Mojo work for you……


  7. jyo ho ga dekha jaayega! :D



  8. you can't understand this situation...unless you are in it.

    all the best !!!!

  9. Well it must be a tough time for you then. Hold on to your spirit.
    But you do sound positive and thats what that really matters.

  10. take care, gurl. shall hope & pray for the best for u. :)
    big hug!

  11. waiting and not knowing must be hard...take care...all the best

  12. I know how difficult things are nm. It's scary times & seems they'll last for a while.
    All the best. Hope for the best.

  13. ~Nm, hope things work out for all of us... much as Anirudh would love to have you home, I hope you don't lose your job... leaving it voluntarily is another thing entirely.
    Things aren't hunky dory here either, guess its the same everywhere... Hugs.

  14. Oh well, you will handle N.
    When life brings you lemons, make lemonade, drink it and share it when I visit you.

  15. It's a scary thought even if you do not think about it too much. But what will be, will be. So no point worrying. Take care!

  16. We already went through the lay off and luckily NK was able to found another job right away.

    The not knowing and waiting part is what sucks the most!

  17. shit!

    i know how it is... we're also going through a pinch and we're trying t make sure we don't relieve any people and keep paying salaries every month!