Thursday, September 3, 2009

What do you do when... get close to 250 mails a day on your official mail ID and none of them are spam or can be ignored?

I just go mad everday and feel so mentally drained out by my EOD.

And no. I don't work at a call centre as someone thought when I was talking about this with that person :D

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  1. you probably already know this... but lemme share with you how i handle it... i use outlook and have created email filters to sort out these massive messages by importance - sender as well as the subject line (i've asked people to lists the tasks in subject line so i cud sort). Then i broke up my day into time slots and alloted these tasks into them. Initially i stuck to it like clockwork and it was apainful but now it flows smoothly...

    and another thing you probably knew ;-) ... high time to throw a tantrum and get sibordinates to delegate things to ...

    best wishes!!!!!!!


  2. ohh and i forgot to mention... i have set deadlines for requests... so if people send requests late, they should know that they are essentially delaying their own tasks by not meeting my deadlines ;-)

    take care,

  3. Mre than 250 mails a day??? What do u do girl?

    Well...i like Manasi's way of handling them. Go ahead try it.

    All the best!

  4. do exactly what you have done just now.. go to the blog, crib about it, and gather some empathy roses from the comments section.

    Having done that, Manasi's method is super too. I would just go to my boss and ask him/her to prioritise which clients they want me to close first. If its an ongoing thing and not a temporary phase, i would ask for a team to help.

  5. I would have gone insane!! How do you do it??? Follow the suggestions of Manasi, I say( like everyone else!), and delegate some of it!