Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Europe Trip: Day 1 - Journey + arrival in London

Its 5 am by London time but its 9:30 by Indian time and we have been awake for the past 30 min. We arrived here at 7:10 pm (UK time). I guess we were lucky that our immigration check went quick and the moment we arrived at the baggage claim centre we saw our suitcase coming down. So we were out of of the airport in flat 25 min of arrival.

The journey in the plane was very good. Half the aircraft was unoccupied so hubby went and even slept on the three seats in the middle. I tried to sleep but just couldn't at all so I whiled my time by watching 4 movies on the onboard entertainment system. And thanks to Air India I finally managed to see "Rock On" :D

One of the attendants was very nice and helpful. The food was decent. Though service wasn't that great.

I tried to help a mommy on board out by distracting her 13 month young baby and playing with him because he had been giving a hard time to her. So when I offered to help, her eyes welled up and I saw her wiping her tears. I felt really bad for her and the baby because it wqas evident they both were having a bad time on the flight. She was traveling alone with the baby for the first time.

While we were waiting for Saurabh, a friend with whom we would be staying the night, to come and pick us up we tried to take a stroll at the airport. Had heard so much about the London heathrow that its so huge. But when we took a walk we didin't find it so. It was only when Saurabh came and he told us that this was just one of the terminals and there are total of 5 such terminals that I understood how enormous the airpot is. There were so many multilevel parkings and I loved ogling at the lovely cars lined up in the marking while we were going towards our car.

So today we shall head out for sightseeing and hopefully I will be able to write more again by end of the day if I get access to the net since am not carrying my laptop.

So keep hanging. There's lot more coming up your way :)


  1. wow! enjoy ur holiday .. n do keep posting updates :)

  2. Hope you can post more
    Have fun :)

  3. Enjoy..
    Waiting for the travelogue..with pictures..!!


  4. Great...welcome!!
    Am sure you would have loads of fun. Keep updating and sharing your lovely experience :)

  5. Only 2 words. Wow! Envy!

    Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

  6. Have a nice time and enjoy ! Dont worry about Anirudh ..he is doing fine here !!

  7. oh wow!! have a wonderful trip! :)
    and do keep updating us! :)

  8. Lovely........looking forward to more such posts.
    Howz the waether?