Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reliving my childhood - Part 2

Today Betu made me and hubby play a game with him which again took me to my childhood.

Remember the following lines?:

"Akkad bakkad bambey bo,
Assi nabbhe poore sau,
Sau mein laga dhaga,
Chor nikal ke bhaga,
Saanp ne khaaya biscuit
Madam bole very good"

Yaad aaya? :)

We used to put forth our hands with fingers spread apart. One person would say out these lines while tapping fingers of all the players and the finger on which the word "good" ended, we had to fold that finger. So the person whose all fingers would get folded first would win.

Any other similar game you used to play in your childhood?

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  1. haan haan...chidiya udd tota udd.

  2. I didn't know the last 2 lines ... but we played this game:)

  3. Yeah ..rememer very well..but we never had the last 2 lines and more games yes "aate baate" , "chidiya ud" "aa meena" :D

  4. we used to play this, but the rhyme was different..we used to play one with stones, trying to pick one up after flipping the hand , something like that.

  5. oh u know I love playing this and chidya ud... with ojas its so much fun...

    he doesnt understand it fully as of yet but enjoys it never the lesss

    and those crazy games we used to play with hands

  6. Bengalis have a finger game called 'ikir mikir cham chikir' which is similar to what you describe! There is another game called aam pata jora jora which end in 'all right very good mem khai cha biscoot' which is very much like the end of akkar bakkar!