Monday, April 13, 2009

Sympathies...but why?

As we all know I've been on my own since Friday afternoon with Betu and hubby both traveling. And since then I've been getting a lot of sympathetic comments and phone calls. Everyone expected me to be feeling down and out, a bit low and missing Betu badly. I did miss him initially and felt quite upset. But from the next day, there was no such 'sad' feeling anymore.

I was doing little little things that I hadn't done in the longest time such as sleeping till 8 AM, watching movies (on DVD), lazing around... and I was having a wonderful time. It was such a wonderful breather to be on your own. Some of my friends were even getting jealous and telling me not to get addicted to it ..hehehe..right Monika and Suma? :D

But I still wonder why some of the other people were expecting me to be sad and depressed because Betu was away. Because I'm a mommy? And are mommies suppose to feel like that? Is it wrong if I didn't feel as they had expected me to?

But today everyone shall be back. And I'm really excited to meet Betu when I pick him up at the station tonight. I wonder how he will react on seeing me. Or will there be any major reaction or just a plain hug? Although I cannot imagine this part but I can definitely imagine his reaction on seeing the chocolate bundt cake that I've baked for him. He is gonna be super happy for sure :D

And pictures of the cake..coz I don't have my camera with me :(


  1. Hey, I guess its just because the 'me' time is still an alien concept for most of us(read mothers). We struggle with guilt and desires most of the times and let the stereotypical image win..

  2. hehe..hehe..

    right!!!!i saw that! :D

    happy reunion! ;)

  3. yeah yeah :D

    and people asking u to be depressed... sigh me time is a unknown thing specially in our part of the world

  4. Because we are expected to conform to the stereotype MAAA....all self sacrificing, self-denying unidimensional mother-figure!!!

  5. And that dialogue of 'mere pass ma hai...' will be immortalised. Not without reason !


    Enjoy the time

  6. I love that you have a life other than the one that revolves around your kid. I'm not a parent yet but I always wonder if I'd be able to give up my life to be a mum. I mean, is it really required? You just affirmed my faith in the fact that I don't have to stop living my life to be a good mother.

  7. how'd the reunion go, gurl?!
    i come back after a long weekend... and i have 4 posts here! :)

  8. It's your 'Me' time and you deserve every minute of it. You shouldnt feel guilty irrespective of what people around you might think or say. Your feelings don't change do they, so might as well be true to them. You don't love Betu any less.

  9. ha ha ha ..and LOL at SGD's comment. How I wish I was in ur shoes.

    Recipe for chocolate bundt cake pliss :)

  10. Bang on. I guess we mommies are conditioned to feel sad separated from our babies.
    We all need our space & once in a while a break alone is more than welcome. :)

  11. Good that you were able to chill out for sometime. Well, all good things come to an end, but don't forget the happiness you got being alone and try to find sometime from your busy schedule to be by yourself, ok?

  12. mujhe cake khaana hai.

    as for the question, i really don't even know why it should even be a concern of anyone. :/ it's ur time for u ... im glad u enjoyed. :)

  13. hey u are tagged, please take up this one

  14. sigh ! How I wish I had a break too !!

    Howazz the reunion ?

  15. hello NM.
    what a lovely, lovely blog you have! its funny and soft and sensitive...
    first time here. loved it totally. will keep coming back.
    take care. do visit...

  16. Good for you girl! Its great that you got some time for yourself, some "Me" time is always so welcome! :)

  17. my sympathies..........
    for not having your camera around.
    no, you shouldnt be sympathised with for not having the two men around you. that gave u time to yourself that you so needed.