Sunday, April 12, 2009

Missing badly :(

Its been 2 days since last I saw and or touched. But it definitely seems so much longer. There have been so many moments that I felt running towards and end up thinking "How I wish..*sigh*.."

I never knew I had become so crazy about until now. The things have to come such a situation that I'm feeling a bit depressed without. I'm missing really camera. :(

Hehehe..what did you think? I was talking about hubby or Betu? :D

But call me crazy, mad, insane..whatever. But this IS the truth. I'm missing my camera more than I'm missing them. Much much more. Infact I handed over my camera to hubby with a very heavy heart. I was surprised at feeling so myself. I don't know why. It was as if its mine..only mine.

Do you have any such object that you don't even feel like sharing with hubby or people real close to you?


  1. Yes..i thought you were talking of your son !

    And yes there are a few things that i dont like to share ! And that list is an unsharable format !


  2. sure took us on teh wrong track here...

    off hand what comes to my mind is...hmmm...

    my hair brush!

  3. You did get me there!!

  4. ~nm, u mean u were totally home alone hubby, no betu GOd I could kill to be in ur shoes!!! And yes I hate to share my camera too and my pen drive.