Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First time..

...that I am home without Betu.

Betu has gone along with his Dadu-Dadi to Chandigarh to spend time with his cousins (Bua's kids).

He has been super excited about going for the trip and since the past 2-3 days, every few hours, he would come up and tell me "tachee laga do meri" (he meant attache/suitcase).

And today he has finally left for his trip. As I was walking back on the platform after seeing him off, I felt a big lump in my throat. It took a lot of strength to hold backthe tears. And finally when I reached the car and sat inside I just couldn't hold them anymore.

Now that I'm home the house feels so empty. Its the first time that he has gone away. Although I'm happy that he will have a good time with his cousins, still I'm a little sad in some corner of my heart. Every now and then I feel that lump coming back and its a struggle to hold those tears from rolling down. Its not been even 6 hours since he left and it already seems ages.

He may not miss me as much as I'm gonna miss him and I'm actually glad that he won't. Him feeling upset and missing me will make it even worse for me to handle.

Have lots of fun Betu and Mumma loves you a LOT!


  1. OMG I can totally imagine how you must have felt. I would feel the same if I'm in the house without my lil one even for a few days.

  2. You sure have the inner strength to let him go! Its a very good thing, he will be grateful to you for that.It is a good opportunity for you to give some quality time to yourself- if you feel sad the feeling he will catch the vibes- I think moms and kids have that telepathy thing between them!

  3. Why mothers are like that? Can there be a better blessing then having a mother? Answers to this we all know.

  4. awww i know what u mean that day Ojas went out for 3 hours with his dad and it was like omg my house is so dead

  5. awww,,,hugs to you. Believe me, I know the feeling too. God made us mothers like that only...

  6. I suppose I am the first person to post a comment on this who is not a mother. :)

    This post moved me. Salute you. You love your son so much (ya, ok, guess you already know it :)).

    Still, I mean after a long time, I had a great day and your post just topped it all. All the best to you for everything!

  7. take care...

    will you be joining him?

  8. :-( Sonny boy's too has been away from us for the last 2 weeks... its so damn difficult to face coming home without his welcoming smile. :-(

  9. Awww!! Poor You!!
    But you must be glad too that he's having a great time!!!

  10. part of the process :-)

    Loved the line 'tachee laga do meri' :-)

  11. Whoa ! Wonderful post. With tender connections and unbridled love !

    Lovely ! Your love for him oozes through every word !

  12. Guess all Moms are like that

    But remember to give him his space as he grows up