Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What do you do when... a small confined place full of people, your son says aloud "Papa, aapki zip khuli hai"?

I would have wanted to just evaporate into thin air right then if it was me. But I really liked my hubby's way of responding in such a situation. He just smiled and said "Thank you for telling me".

But we just couldn't hold our laughter at that point and both me and hubby burst out laughing at the situation.


  1. ha ha ha... ye sahi hai... and i quite liked the way ur hubby responded!

  2. eep.. the only thing i would have done is give a typically sheepish look and laugh with the rest

  3. God..LOL !

    But it is indeed lovely the way it was handled !

  4. Love the new header picture :)

  5. Hi Nm,
    First of all, thanks a lot for redesigning the look of my blog. I could never have done it if not for you. How can I ever thank you?
    And about your embarassing episode, well, this is one of the things that I'm most afraid of...every once in a while I keep suspecting that my fly is open ...don't know why...

  6. well...
    look at it this came from your son and not someone else.

  7. :)

    also like your header pic..did you click it?

  8. how i wish i were as cool as bhaiya :-) had that happened to me, i would have jumped out of the nearest door and never ever met the people who were there to witness my misery first hand :-) no no i am not kidding.... i have actually done exactly that in college :-)

  9. @all: Yes as I wrote in the post too, I was quite impressed by Hubby's way of responding.

    Monika: Thanks for the header image. And will do the tag soon.

    RajK: You are most welcome.

    Gazal: sure hubby was glad about it.

    Ceedy: Yes I clicked that. Glad you liked it.

    Manasi: :D

  10. My compliments to your hubby for handling it so nicely.