Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ways to embarrass yourself

I really think I should write a book on it. Its been just a few days since the fashion faux-pas embarrassing incident, as some of my avid readers called it, and I did it again! But this time it was nothing to do with clothes. Although that can't be taken as a plus. This time I can attribute it to aging self?..Fading memory?..can I? Ok, hear the incident and then tell me...

I walk into the office and see bunches of red balloons tied all over the ceiling. And I wondered "Huh? Whats the occasion?"..first in my mind and then to a colleague sitting nearby. He, with a very straight face says "I don't know...I think its baisakhi or something.." And I reply so confidently, "No, that was on Monday!" He again pretends to think and says "Maybe its a late celebration for Republic day...must be something special today I guess.."

And its then that it struck me...and I actually slapped my forehead hard.. and said aloud "Oh..its valentines day today.." and he laughed!

Can you believe it? How conveniently I proceeded to embarrass myself? And how he was pulling one on me..or rather helping me pull one on myself and I was acting like the biggest dud on earth?? Sheeshh...mera kya hoga???


  1. i read both the faux-pas posts and had a good laugh!

    but i think most of our friends and colleagues remember us fondly because of these incidents. and they help lighten up the spirit!

  2. I guess, bahne ek jaisi hoti hain kuch mamlon main. I completely forgot that its Valentine's day. Infact, Rahul was at work when he remembered and called to wish me :-)

  3. I think it is a normal sane reaction - baisaki and republic day are days worth decorating for. isn't valentin'e a more private affair? why should an office be decorated for that - crazy.

  4. Ah, no worries. I can't see the point of decorating the office for Valentine's. Holiday, yes. Decoration, no ;).

    so forgetting is no biggie :D