Monday, February 25, 2008

Washed and dried and ready to use!

Yeah I am talking about the object in the picture - a 2GB Kingston pen drive.

It was soaked for 30 min in "saare daag hata de!" Surf Excel Matic and then further washed, spin dried, rinsed and spin dried again for 40 mins.

It was found at the bottom of tub of the washing machine and picked out with a "Gasp!" after all the clothes were taken out and hung to dry.

Hubby immediately checked to see if it still had some life left in it was happy to see that it was breathing and was alive!

I simply shrugged and told Hubby that I was just trying to clean up the dirt...err...virus off it!

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  1. Well, you could make a very good ad for the company :-)

  2. Well, such 'miracle' depends on the importance of data.
    I'm sure it contained all useless data :-)

  3. Ruchika :Yeah..neat idea..maybe I should ask them to sponsor me larger drives :P

    Stone: How in the world can I call the data that belonged to hubby as 'useless'..naah..never *wink*

  4. lol.. yeah I did that with my mobile once.. dropped it in water and then walked across the floor (we worked together) to hand it over to DH to dry it up and make sure it works again :P

  5. Hahahah..Ruchika said right ..make a banner and send it to the company :)
    BTW ..Imagine if that was not working ??????

  6. Have u written to the company praising them for making such a strong and tikau product!!

  7. Preethi: Don't ask how many times i have bathed my mobiles. I have lost count!

    Swati: I'm a born optimist and I refuse to look at the negative side of in case it didn't work *wink*

    Timepass : Good idea..maybe I should..maybe they will send something as a gift! Teeheehee...

  8. I am proud to announce that in two years of washing, I have never let a 'foreign object' into the machine. And I am sure that my baby is going to change that trait in me:-0

  9. Congrats! That thing had some "drive" to survive!!

  10. LOL at RajK's comment. True. And aren't you glad that the virus daag was un hatao'able? ;-)
    An excellent ad for Kingston, tho'

  11. oh my god, I don't believe this!
    Which washing machine do you use - seems really easy on the stuff you put in.