Monday, February 11, 2008

How absent minded can one get?

I think I have beaten the record today! Yes! This is how I have come dressed to work today! With dark gray socks and white sandals!! I just can't believe it!

I had intended to wear my shoes but don't know how and when I ended up wearing these sandals instead! I can't even take these darned socks off because its way too cold to walk around in bare feet. And I don't even have a pair of skin colored stockings in my car to change into. Bwaaahhh! *Sob* *Sob*

P.S. When I thought I will just stick to my desk today with minimal essential going around, I have max number of meetings today...bwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...

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  1. ha ha ... since iam laughing pls don think iam so perfect...

    iam also one of those.... AMP's..

    will write a post in my blog some time later about this... got a never ending list..

  2. Ha..ha..ha..! And I thought I was the biggest muddlehead! Sorry don't mean to "Jale par namak chidko" Well, don't worry. If asked, tell them this is the newest fashion in Paris. :D

  3. :) When you have 10 things juggling in your head, this can happen. I'll take up your tag soon. BTW where do you live in Delhi. I lived my entire life in Janakpuri before coming to US.

  4. I am glad you are not wearing two different colored socks.
    I had colleague who did that once.
    Have a good time!

  5. someone is getting OLD...buhahahaha

  6. gosh- it can enter the femina fashion bloopers column:-))

  7. LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I am really sorry, but it's too funny! :D

  8. U have lot of guts to put up ur pic like this yaar...Reminds me of the time when I wore my salwar ulta (yes) and one lady on the road called me and pointed out what I had done...

  9. reminds me of the time, i wore only one earring and forgot to put on the other one...they were danglers too :(

  10. LOLOLOLOL *collapsing with laughter* Am sorry for you,~Nm, but (:-D) but it is really TOOOOOO funny! Poor You!

  11. Hi, I can't believe you did that! And I thought only men could be so absent-minded!! But dont' worry, I've done my share of "forgetting" too!!
    Thanks for leaving ur comment on my blog. I've been reading yours, very good! I must say, "You DO Write!"

  12. LOL - an interesting fashion fau-paux! :D

  13. now that it is in the past, tell me how many people actually noticed it?

  14. shakti: Will check your blog to see your bloopers..:D

    PG: No..not jale par namak chidko..I was literally laughing at myself..

    Joy: I stay near New Friends Colony.

    RJ : Really thank God for that. Else I would have no choice to take the socks off in such cold weather.

    Stone: Yeah..yeah..yeah

    Art: yes, it can definitely be featured there but only if I were a celebrity!

    Timepass: Ulta really crack me up!

    RajK : Thanks for the appreciation. Glad you liked my blog.

    Usha: I was hoping no one would ask that question :P hehehe..well I may not be aware of all those weird glances at me but I only saw 2-3. And their expressions were as if they were thinking if they were hallucinating or what :D

  15. hahaha, this was just too funny. Didn't want to laugh at you, but just couldn't help cracking up !! If it is of any comfort, I have done quite a few muddle-ups myself !! hahahahaha....

  16. Hahaha,
    wonderful expression, and one that brings a part of our personalities that is common-kisi ka kam, kisi ka zyada-that carelessness part, and I label it as innocence.
    Keep it up, I mean, keep forgetting, it makes you feel and look more human.