Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I need to do away with the dreams!

Your first reaction on reading the title must be "She's a loser! She wants to do away with the dreams!!??" But hey..I don't mean dreams as in those dreams. I'm talking about dreams that come when you sleep. Got it? :D So unless I say specifically otherwise, whenever I write the word dream read it as the sleep type dreams..OK?

I hate most of my dreams. And they come too often an too many in one go. So which basically means I don't have nice n tight sleep most of the times. Which further means that I am not fresh and happy when I wake up I'm all goofy, tired and ready to go back to bed for another round of sleep. You may interpret that as simple as "Lazy bum!" My family had actually named me "Kumbhkaran!" Since all I wanted to do was sleep, sleep and sleep some more! :D

Do you have a dream which comes again and again. Not with the same people or same situation..but on the whole same. I've such kind of dreams way too often. I wonder if they mean anything. I have read and heard a lot that dreams always mean something but I really wonder if they do.

One of my most common dreams is that I can fly. Fly as in soar up in the air, flip up and down, and just do about anything. And I see myself flying in so many dreams that you will be amazed. I would really want someone who knows how to interpret dreams to tell me what does it mean.

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  1. hahhaha..my mom calls me 'Kumbhkaran' :D. My most common dream was reaching school late for an exam and that too bare foot and the gatekeeper doesnot allow me to get in :P. Hahahha..thats a stupid one ..right ?