Thursday, May 3, 2007

Do I write?

Yes! This is the question that I was asked by two persons on the same day! And that brought me back to the old times - college times to be precise - when I used to write a diary. Regularly..quite regularly! Although I wonder where they are lying now.

Coming back to "Do I write?". Besides writing my diary I also used to write poems. Short ones. I never shared them with anybody. As I was never confident that they were good enough to be shared or read by someone else. When I chanced upon those poems about 3 years or so after I had written them, I found them quite kiddish and that's when I felt I was sane enough not to share them with anyone..hehehehe!

Anyhow, I guess I stopped writing when I started working. There were no fixed hours and I would be quite tired by end of the day. Well OK..being tired was just a bahana..actually we had got Internet connectivity those days so after office hours were spent on that! :D!

So yesterday night the "Do I write?" question made me think why did I stop writing my diary? Shall I start again? Will I be able to write regularly and not stop after 2 or 3 entries? Didn't get a chance to ponder much over it as the house duties were calling me. But today morning when I was feeling bored as my assigned tasks were over and after reading blog after blog it just struck me that why don't I start my own blog too!

So here I'm, created an account and writing this! And I'm starting this with the hope that I will keep updating it regularly! About what I dunno as yet! Only time will tell! So all the best to myself!

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