Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank you - a real heartfelt thank you... all those people who helped me spread the word about the cowardly incident which I wrote about earlier (here and here). I'm sorry if I've missed out anyone. So please share any missing link which also talked about this story and I will add to this list. A BIG THANK YOU!

And thank you to those people as well who called names and used abusive language and felt that the girl who was harassed created this drama for no reason whatsoever. It helped us get a reality check of  the state of mind and the attitude of people around us.


  1. WOW ..thats quite a response !

  2. Hey NM,

    Read this post yours and felt really really sad.

    Hats off your friend who stood there fighting all the owners of the society. Who least had the idea of what would be going through the girls head, all alone. And we know the type of people travelling in metro in the non-peak hours.

    Hats-off once again.

  3. the same was also posted on and now an updated link on rather something like that

  4. So so infuriated to read what happened to your friend. Reblogging it today on my blog.

    Kudos to her courage.