Thursday, July 19, 2012

First time

Yesterday Rajesh Khanna, the actor, passed away. So all the TV channels were playing songs from his movies most of the time. And beautiful songs they were.

So after I reached home yesterday evening and was sitting with my Father-in-law watching the TV, I for the first time heard him humming music. I was very surprised but I also had a big smile on my face seeing this side of him. I've never ever heard him hum before. And its been more than 12 years since my marriage. I never knew he enjoyed music so much to actually sing/hum.

And it was just not me. When I was sitting with Betu while he was having his dinner, Betu also said "Aaj maine pehli baar Dadu ko gana gaate huye suna!" (First time today I heard Grandpa sing a song).

I smiled, nodded and said "Me too!".