Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oye! Main to famous ho gayee...

Poppins and Meira both wrote to me that one of my posts has been plagiarised. Copied word to word and posted as own by one of the bloggers. I was surprised as well as amused. SO after asking Meira how she figured that out she told me how a very personal post written by Kiran was also copied by the same blogger and in one of the comments to Kiran's post she saw the link of my post. Someone had left both my link and the copied one as a comment in response to Kiran's post.

But when I tried to open the link I got a message that the blog has been deleted. I was pretty sad that I couldn't see it by my own eyes. But then our smart Boo managed to dig out the post from cache and sent me this link -

And my original post is here -

And frankly I've only one grudge against the person who copied my post. She had copied my post which was a total time-pass, fully-faltu kind of a post. So my post being highlighted in this fight against plagiarism makes a bit embarrassed. I've written much better posts and how I wish she had selected one of those :P

But must say, she did correct some of the mistakes that are there in mine :D

Jokes apart, I can very well empathize with Kiran for she had written that post from the deepest of her hearts for her hubby dear. If one of my personal posts had been copied I would have been completely outraged too.

Apparently a lot of her posts were copied from other bloggers. God only knows if it was just only a few posts that we managed to figure out or was the entire blog made up of posts picked up from other blogs.

All this makes me wonder why would anyone want to do it. It defeats the whole purpose of writing/blogging. Reproducing a post is one thing and copying and calling it your own is another.

I'm sure that person has learnt the lesson well and will be too scared to attempt something like this again :D


  1. Gosh ..she copied word by word ...just changed office to her PG. Getting inspired by a post is one but copying it word by word ..horrible:O

    Some people suck :O

  2. The fact that she never apologized to the original writers makes me guess she's surface, with a new blog and new name, but same old plagiarism. Some people are warped!

  3. The ways of the world..they are strange. And the blogworld can be a virtual world. And stealing may be as virtual as it can get...

    but it has to mirror the real world. somewhere right !?!

    sigh !

    Thank God you folks have identified and pinned this down. Wonder how many lurk. Yet to be discovered.

  4. OMG!! You too NM?!! *sigh*

    So many bloggers have put this up...
    so many posts have been copied...

  5. arre shukar hai isi bahaane tumen dubara post to kiya... i was beginning to get worried...:-)


    This should help.

  7. hahahaha.....even blog URL looks like inspired by your's :-)

  8. u know... by the fact that she just deleted the blog, without an apology... something tells me she'll be back... and it just makes me feel so sick.

  9. :(

    now that you are famous, keep running your blog through copyscape...not very effective but you do get to know sometimes :)

  10. Oh wow! Word to decency to even change a little bit. Tsk, tsk...and to not even credit u. Shame! Why blog, when u can't think of what to write?

  11. I forgot to leave my is

  12. It has happened with me umpteen no. of times. Many of my posts including my poems alogwith photos have been lifted and published by these morons as their own. To top it all they have the audacity of accepting the praises on those posts as well !!

    Well, 4-5 times I have written about plagiarism also (how to deal with it, prevent it etc.), latest being in my series of "Blogging-a tricky affair?"

    I am not giving you link here. If you want you can read them all. :-)

  13. same thing happ to me once. but tht person written tht he had copied it from my blog :| Wondering why they do such cheap stuffs!

    This person was guilty n thts y she deleted her blog. But others should also learn whatever is available on the net isn't free n respect copyrights.

  14. OMG i just read Kiran's post and now yours....
    maybe this said 'author' was trying to derive a kick from getting her name published on net. aur kya reason hoga bechari ko copy paste karne ka.
    ya shayad time nahi hoga posts originally likhne ka,,,,

  15. I find it weird to copy, youre right, it goes the very essence of blogging! :)

    Dont these random acts of craziness make life so much more fun? And give you another reason to blog!